“Free world’s in a mess”

One can always count on Sky News Australia to speak wisely and directly. Here Alan Jones correctly says that a presidential resignation must happen soon. And the main problem with that is Kamala Harris waiting in the wings, a woman who was dropped from the Democrat presidential primaries early on because no one liked her. With reason.

We have entered the Twilight Zone, and the mainstream media, CNN, The New York Times*, The Washington Post, etc., are hiding this from their clueless readers.

* The New York Times recently ran a front-page piece comparing Biden to FDR!

OK, I changed my mind

Your never-humble scribe waits in line at the start of the process.

Just three days ago in the post titled Shots & stupid stimulus, I said I was not going to get the Kung Flu vaccine for a number of reasons. Just a few hours after proclaiming that, my child bride came home with the surprising news that the vaccine would arrive on the mountaintop the very next day.

Though I had mentioned to her a time or two that I doubted I would get the shot, I had not declared my resistance with emphasis. When I did state it with emphasis, she was not happy. She, like most people everywhere, is totally enslaved by the media hysteria, and the reason she had abandoned her pastry street sales over the past year was mostly because she feared being a virus conduit to the ole boy here at the Hacienda: me.

That amounted to a yearlong sacrifice she had made for me, so I folded like a warm tortilla. What’s the worse that could happen? A blow to my principles and what I considered common sense.

So on Tuesday, the first day, we drove the short distance to the sports complex where the vaccine is being administered to people over 60. It opened at 8 a.m., and we arrived at 9. And so did 10 million other old fogies. It was a mob scene of Biblical proportions. We turned around and came home. Later, maybe. Or not, I thought to myself.

In the afternoon, she drove downtown for her daily gossip with her sister. The route takes her by the sports complex, and she noticed there were fewer people. An hour later, about 5:30, she was making the return drive via the same route. The line was short. She parked the Nissan, and was through the vaccine process in about 90 minutes. We learned later that folks who arrived early in the morning were there four or five hours.

Moral: Do not go early.

A vaccine team heads down the aisle, jabbing left and right.

Yesterday, I drove there at 2:30. The line was moderate. First, you enter and sit at a table where someone checks your paperwork. Then you walk into a covered basketball stadium and sit in rows. A team of medical personnel comes down the aisle and poke, poke, poke, left and right. It’s quick, and I’ve never had a shot in my life that I noticed less.

Fast and painless.

We then sat and waited 30 minutes to see if anyone had an unpleasant reaction like falling over dead. No one did. The vaccine we got was Chinese, CanSino, and, perhaps best of all, it’s a one-shot dose. No booster required. I’m now glad I did it.

An hour and 20 minutes from arrival to departure.

A tip of the sombrero to the medical staff. They were fast, polite and professional.

Shots & stupid stimulus

America’s IRS website tells me they mailed another Kung Flu stimulus check in my direction three days ago. I am vociferously opposed to this irresponsible nonsense of mailing cash willy-nilly all over the place with no regard for whether a person needs the money or not, whether a person has been financially harmed by the Kung Flu hysteria or not.

America is already drowning in debt, getting worse by the day. And it’s sending me money, a person who has not been financially harmed in any way whatsoever by the pandemic. It’s absurd and irresponsible.

The check in the mail is the third stimulus payment. I did not get the first one due to some bureaucratic reason, and I don’t care, but I did get the second one, which I cashed here. What else was I to do? Mail it back? Boy, that would have confused them. So I cashed it here in spite of my thinking it is unseemly.*

And if the third payment makes it through the Mexican mail system, I’ll cash it too. Perhaps I’ll use it to pay for the cataract surgery on my other eye, which is still pending, even though I am perfectly capable of using my own money for that.

Speaking of unseemly, the Gringos on our local internet forum are all a’twitter at the “free” money coming their way. They just cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Most are Democrats, of course. Unseemly, I tell you.

Speaking of the Kung Flu hysteria, I have decided not to get the vaccine, assuming it ever appears in my neck of the woods because Mexico’s distribution system is a poorly organized mess. I have decided to dodge the shot for a number of reasons.

One is that the pandemic is clearly winding down, as they always do. Two is that most cases are relatively mild. And very few people die. Yes, I am old, but I have no serious health issues and that’s almost always what kills people who catch the Kung Flu.

And also, the vaccine was a rush job. I am not an “anti-vaxxer.” I get the flu vaccine every year. I’ve received lots of vaccines. I welcome vaccines, but not rush jobs.

And when has a disease ever separated along political lines? In the United States, why are Democrat-run states trying to destroy private enterprise and Republican-run states much less so? Why are you far more free in Florida and South Dakota than you are in California, Michigan and Wisconsin? We’re living in a surreal world.

Something very strange is happening.

Looking only at Mexico with a population of about 130 million, to date, confirmed cases amount to 1.7 percent of the population. Deaths amount to 0.16 percent of the population. Those are really low numbers. And our pandemic is winding down noticeably.

What pushed me over the edge on the vaccine issue was a video I saw a few days ago, a speech delivered by Dr. Simone Gold who is also an attorney and founder of an organization named America’s Frontline Doctors. The video is about an hour long but well worth watching, especially if you’re still vaccine-free.

Back to the political aspect of the Kung Flu hysteria: Big Tech, mainstream media, showbiz, etc., have all gone to extremes to censor contrary opinions about the pandemic. Dr. Gold’s video was, of course, deleted from YouTube, but it’s available on Brighteon, one of a number of newer video channels dedicated to freedom of opinion.

To see Dr. Gold’s extremely impressive resumé, go here and scroll to the bottom. In spite of her sterling credentials, since she disagrees with the obligatory narrative surrounding the Kung Flu, she has been slandered by Big Tech and the leftist media.

And I don’t wear face masks either, except when it’s required to walk into a store. On the streets hereabouts, you can stroll mask-free with scant interference because Mexicans mind their own business. It’s just one more advantage of living in a free society.

* By cashed, I mean a money exchange gave me “real money,” i.e. Mexican pesos.