American Looney Tunes

ducksLET’S KICK OFF 2014 with a look at nuttiness in the United States. The well is deep, wide and murky, full of salamanders and creepy-crawleys.

First, there’s a reality show — wildly popular, I hear — called Duck Dynasty. It’s about a family of rednecks in Louisiana, my old state. The guys have long beards and often look like they need to wash their faces.

But that’s so the ducks won’t see them, one supposes. These guys shoot ducks. Now while they look like a band of yahoos, they also are millionaires. Sharp rednecks.

Christians too, they claim. Recently, one of these bearded guys, an older one, said unkind things about gay folks. I believe bestiality was uttered in the same sentence. Ouch!

The elitist, collectivist media went nuts, plus some gay group that you’re required to listen to. The old redneck was fired from the show, but then he was hired again. Remember these guys are millionaires, and money talks. Plus, the show is wildly popular.

More popular than the “gay community,” it seems.

I know gay guys, and I have known folks like these duck hunters. There are good and bad people in both camps. But in this dust-up, I’m on the side of the duck hunters because I believe one must be allowed to speak one’s opinion if it’s done without cussin’.

Diversity rules!

* * * *

crackersA sideshow to the above conflict debuted when the restaurant chain called Cracker Barrel pulled Duck Dynasty gear off their shelves.

That was really dumb.

Cracker Barrel’s customer base is precisely the kind of folks who would share the values of the duck hunters. So what the restaurant chain did was — totally on its own; nobody had protested — take a shotgun off the wall, slide in a shell, and shoot itself in the foot. And pen a press release so we’d know.

Kinda funny, actually. And pathetic at the same time.

Why did they drag themselves into this conflict? It is a lovely illustration of how the political correctness legions have bludgeoned everyone into believing any group labeled “a minority” must be genuflected to without hesitation.

Cracker Barrel believed it was launching a preemptive strike, protecting itself. But it had to sew its foot back on and issue an apology. I loved that.

* * * *

PagliaMy favorite lesbian in this world is Camille Paglia who has recently been getting fresh exposure.

Camille is an anomaly, a Democrat who makes sense, one who not only does not parrot the politically correct line, but opposes it.

Paglia makes a great argument for the fact that radical feminism is destroying America by turning its men into pantywaists and wusses.

Link 1, The Wall Street Journal.

Link 2, Salon, the pinko website.

Oddly, Paglia voted for Obama, leaving me puzzled. She’s not perfect.

* * * *

sheepWhile the collectivists went bonkers over the duck guy’s unkind remarks about homosexuality, they did not hesitate a moment to mock Mitt Romney’s black grandchild whom they called a “black sheep.”

Sure, the collectivist neighborhoods idolize black folks, put them on pedestals, but only if they are in families that vote Democrat.

If you missed it, go here. The low-rated MSNBC, of course. Bad people.

The folks in question, primarily the show’s silly host, Melissa Harris-Perry, attempted to apologize later, but good folks will reject that bogus apology.

Isn’t Harris-Perry the same woman who said Santa Claus should be a penguin? So not to offend black people? I could be wrong on that, but somebody said it.

* * * *

slaveryNew York City’s new mayor, the collectivist Bill De Blasio, was sworn in yesterday, a move the city will live to regret. Think Detroit.

De Blasio voluntarily honeymooned in the communist dictatorship of Cuba. The whole world out there, and he honeymoons in Cuba.

A black pastor, Fred Lucas, whom De Blasio picked to deliver the obligatory spiritual words chose slavery as his theme. He repeated words like plantation, repression, emancipation, captives, bondage, shackles and masters, ad nauseam.

Time to move on, pastor. Think Oprah and Obama.

Then he asked to be freed “from political correctness.” (Put howling laugh track here.)

The tone of the event is illustrated beautifully by a fellow standing behind Lucas, sporting an African-style beanie as if he’s at a coronation in Benin or Botswana.

Multiculturalism. Ain’t it grand?

American nuttiness knows no limits these days. It’s great to live in Mexico.