Protestant goombah

WHY DO CATHOLICS have a Main Man, but Protestants do not?

The Catholics, due to having a main man, get lots of press coverage. Protestants lack that. They are a fractured people.

I am neither Protestant nor Catholic, but I believe in balance.


So I propose that Protestants unite to choose a Main Man — maybe even a Main Woman because Protestants, as a rule, are less hidebound than Catholics. Well, some of them.

A convention must be held, perhaps akin to Burning Man, where Protestants can come together. This will require plenty of compromise because Protestants are a mixed bag, ranging from high-toned Presbyterians to Westboro Baptist Church crackpots.

After a Main Man — or Woman — is chosen, a Protestant Vatican must be decided upon. Outside of the United States is preferable so visits to Washington will seem more special, inspiring more press coverage.

Somewhere in the Middle East is a fine choice since Jesus Christ walked thereabouts. As the Catholic Pope has armed guards and a bulletproof vehicle, the Protestant Main Man — or Woman — will need this too, due to being around so many pissed-off Mohammedans.


All of this will require money, so an expanded tithe must be applied to all Protestant denominations.

Twenty-five percent sounds about right.

This will finance a huge Protestant Palace among the Mohammedans. And then there’s the Wardrobe.

As the Pope wears women’s clothes, the Protestant Main Man should do likewise. It will attract attention. If a Main Woman is chosen, a James Bond tuxedo will serve the purpose.

After a Main Man (Woman) is named, a Protestant Palace situated, armed guards hired (with suitable frippery), at least two bulletproof Hummers at the door, the only thing left to do is make smoke and water holy.

Then head to Washington, D.C.

Thuggery and loons

June is almost here, and that means graduation.

The Los Angeles Times reports that only four conservatives were included in those  commencement speakers invited by 150 colleges and universities.

Cory Booker, the collectivist mayor of Newark, New Jersey, received more invitations than all elected Republicans combined.

A major reason for this shocking disparity of opinion is that conservatives are routinely shouted down and otherwise disrupted.

Diversity only applies to skin tone, never opinions.

There was no mention of how many Mohammedans received speaking invitations from the Multicultural Marxists who control U.S. education.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service hunts down the regime’s political opponents, those who do not “think correctly.”

Welcome to Obama’s America.

* * * *

Mexican efficiency

Odds and endsThere are many advantages to living south of the Rio Bravo. Costs and taxes are lower. People are more polite. It’s safer and freer. The list is very long.

My child bride renewed her passport today in the state capital. We arrived at the office just before 10 a.m. with all the necessary paperwork. We walked out two hours later with the new passport in hand.

It’s good for ten years and cost the peso equivalent of about 160 U.S. bucks. Mine does not expire till February 2016, and my U.S. passport expires three months later. Renewing the former will be far easier than renewing the latter.

It’s incredible that as Mexico improves, the United States just keeps getting worse. Who would have ever imagined that?

* * * *

American crackpots

A Maryland school (unionized no doubt) is offering psychological counseling to its students who might have been traumatized by a lad who chewed a Pop-Tart into the vague shape of a pistol.

Reason magazine characterized the situation as something conjured up by “madmen,” and it’s not the television show it’s referring to.

The National Rifle Association has given the Pop-Tart-munching kid a lifetime membership. I used to be neutral on the NRA, but now I’m a fan.

You should be able to chew a Pop-Tart into any shape that suits you. It’s a right protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Religious nuts

As often stated, I support organized religion although I am not a subscriber. It sets a society’s moral standards, which is preferable to leaving such things to individuals, a sure recipe for anarchy.

nuts-and-boltsOf our two main religions these days, I back Christianity over Mohammedanism. Both harbor crackpots, however.

Two egregious examples are in the news.

1.  The loons at the now-infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, plan to picket the funerals of those killed by the two Mohammedan wing nuts in Boston.

God, you see, sent the Mohammedans and their scrap-metal-filled pressure cookers to Boston because Obama supports “fag marriage.”

I think Baptist headquarters, wherever that may be, should excommunicate its Westboro brethren posthaste. Most Baptists are good people who favor lemonade and smoked ham on quiet Sunday afternoons.

But Mohammedan loons are always worse than Christian crazies. What the Westboro gang does is merely colossally crass. They do not advocate rape.

2.  A Mohammedan cleric in Syria has given the rape green light to rebels fighting the Mohammedan despot Bashar Assad. Go get ’em, boys!

Well, as long as the rape victims are not Sunni.

And yet, American elites in universities, the media (save Fox) and the pathetic Oval Office occupant are loathe to speak badly of Mohammedans.

Gotta be sensitive to other cultures, ya know.

Nero’s fiddling leaps to mind.