The fat, brown baby

Those are supposed to be overalls on the kid. I think he’s a metrosexual.

My child bride continues her crochet artwork, and I’m here to brag about it. It’s a pastime she began last year due to putting her sidewalk pastry sales on hold. The sales resumed two weeks ago, and we have declared the pandemic officially kaput.

She crafts these things completely from scratch. We haven’t named this tyke, and we haven’t decided if he’s a soul brother or a brown-skinned Mexican, i.e. moreno. We’ll have to decide before naming him. LeRoy Jefferson or Carlos Delgado? We’ll likely leave it to his new owner who’ll be my sister-in-law, the local one.

I have loads of sisters-in-law, but only one lives here on the mountaintop.

About a month ago, we introduced you to Matilda, also known as the Buttcrack Baby. Here she sits on the scarlet sofa next to her new amigo.

The fat, brown baby also sports a buttcrack, but you can’t see it here.

Matilda clearly has a crush on the big brown boy.

Buttcrack baby

(Viewer discretion advised. Video includes appalling moments.)

As has been mentioned here previously, my child bride has turned to other activities over the past year due to the Kung Flu hysteria, temporarily halting her sidewalk pastry sales. She has turned to crochet.

Up to now, she has created elephants, Rotweillers, unicorns, lions, camels and so on, but now she’s tackled the human form. Some of you might want to avert your eyes from the video. You’ve been warned.

The dress is separate and removable as are the sandals and panties.

The child in question is named Matilda. She is a white girl, which means she was born with privilege, giving her a pass through an easy, blessed life. Next on the crochet list, however, will be a chocolate child who will, of course, be oppressed.

I am not making this up. Stay tuned.

Fresh endeavors

The Plague Year has kept my child bride busy with new things now that her weekly pastry sale on the downtown plaza has been put on temporary hold. She has, of course, turned to crocheting, a new skill for her.

She’s a woman in constant motion, a stark contrast to my lazy lifestyle. Another interest has cropped up for her. She wants to become a life coach, that relatively new therapeutic profession. She’s already taken three two-hour introductory classes online, and it has her hooked. The intro classes come from Miami and have Gringo prices on the full certification, so she’ll be hunting a school in Mexico.

Interestingly, both my sister and my second ex-wife are certified life coaches. It’s all the rage, you know. I am rather skeptical of most therapeutic occupations, but I know my child bride would excel at it as she excels in everything.

And here below, we have the rottweiler. I have read they’re not very smart dogs.

How do you say bow-wow in Spanish?

Crochet and craziness

We have many crucial topics to cover today, from crocheting to transgendering to the praise of diversity (again!) and on to beauty pageants, so let’s hop right into it.

People cope with the Kung Flu nuttiness in various ways. My child bride flipped from pastry sales on the downtown plaza to staying home and crocheting. Above is her latest creation, a unicorn. She taught herself to do this with the help of YouTube.

Never let a pandemic go to waste.

Now let’s address matters being pushed by leftists, those who think it’s great that Sleepy Joe and Hoor Harris occupy the White House and the man who scored five Nobel Peace Prize nominations, who didn’t start wars, who engineered various Mideast Peace Accords, who crushed ISIS, who accomplished U.S. energy independence, who lowered taxes and reduced economically crippling regulations, boosted border security and the military, etc., has been tossed out the White House door.

By fraudulent means.

First, there is the transgender nonsense, the notion that there are endless sexes, and you’re free to pick one. And then you have the right to compete in sports in the gender of your choice with others who were born to that gender, who had Mother Nature do the picking for them. It’s the Democrat Socialist Party that supports this nincompoopery and we conservatives who oppose it, who embrace the “actual science.”

The race clip shown at the start of this brief video says it all. Plus it demonstrates why even many feminists, in spite of their normally cockeyed stances, see the nuttiness of it.

Moving onto one of my favorite topics, one that I’ve embraced for many years. Yes, way back, over a decade ago, when few people were saying it, I was hollering it out loud. Encouraging multiculturalism is disastrous. And here we are today with almost everyone, all organizations, all businesses, all schools, having it written in their mission statements that they are all about diversity and the promotion of it. It’s a given.

Our buddy Simon Webb addresses the issue brilliantly, as usual.

“Diversity is our strength.” Is it really?

Here in Mexico, federal legislators — undoubtedly ugly female ones — have proposed the outlawing of beauty pageants because “it degrades women.” I pray this American nuttiness does not get a foothold here. Mexicans love beauty pageants and their weather girls. And if Mexico cancels beauty pageants, where will narco bosses get their girlfriends?

Have a nice Valentine’s Day. Hug someone you love or someone you just like.

Any port in a storm.