Hooray for Israel

UNTHE POLAR opposite of the oppressive, backward, violent Mohammedan world is, of course, Israel, the sole democracy in that neighborhood, and the only nation thereabouts where women are free.

Another smelly spot on the world stage is the United Nations, where dictators and/or religious nuts gather — mostly on the American dime — to fight freedom. Take a look at the U.N.’s condemnation list for 2014.

As 2015 approaches, let us pray that it will be a very bad year for evil people.

Adiós, Hugo!

Hugo-ChavezThe no-neck demagogue Hugo Chávez, pal to Sean Penn and Fidel Castro, has died. Good riddance, I say.

We have someone similar here in my country, a perpetual left-wing candidate who goes by his initials, AMLO. He can’t seem to get elected, but he comes close.

Reaction to Chávez’s death is pouring in. The Mohammedan zealot organization Fatah, which gets oodles of cash from America’s tax coffers, says Hugo was “a loyal friend.” And Jimmy Carter is down in the dumps.

Senility is a sad thing to see in a former president.

No matter that Hugo sent tons of petrobucks to murderous dictators like Castro, Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Syria’s Assad.

Tip of the day:  When you see a politician in a red beret, run the other way.

Obama has never been seen in a red beret.

But I’m betting that when he and Michelle invite Sean Penn or George Clooney or maybe Matt Damon to the White House screening room on Saturday nights, they all sport red berets, even Michelle with her bangs in her eyes like Brigitte Bardot, and they puff Cuban stogies and laugh out loud.

Perhaps they hum The Internationale and clink champagne.