Folks on the street


THIS WOMAN sells something or other on our downtown streets. What makes her notable is that she walks barefoot year-round, and it gets dadgummed cold here in the winter.

She does it because she wants to, not because she has to.


This fellow’s legs do not work right, so he gets about with this tricycle contraption. The pedals are up top and hand-driven, not down bottom where one normally finds pedals.

Note the crutches behind him and his sombrero. What’s particularly notable is that he’s always in a great mood. A smile helps when you’re asking for spare change, which is what he does.

If you want to see his nice smile, you’ll have to go here, which is a shameless come-on like you’d find outside a Bourbon Street strip joint or the flap of a circus tent where the bearded woman waits inside.

The American mess

IT’S A GREAT time to be a Mexican. The economy is headed uphill. Reforms to correct longstanding problems are gradually taking effect. Democracy is working well since 2000. The government does not attempt to micromanage our personal lives. The infrastructure improves daily. And we have a president who’s handsome.

US flagThen there’s the United States. Its economy still struggles. There are no reforms to correct anything that matters. Democracy, we sadly observe, works poorly with an ignorant electorate. The government wants to micromanage personal lives. The infrastructure degrades daily. And there is a clueless, ineffectual president.

The southern border is a sieve where hordes of people pour illegally into the country with scant impediment. Lots of children lately. Cities and states offer them “sanctuary,” drivers’ licenses and handouts. The nation’s educational curriculum is left-wing and anti-American. Free speech is verboten on university campuses.

Taxes are high, especially on businesses. The money is misused. The ranks of the government-supported “disabled” grow daily as does the illegitimacy rate, especially in urban ghettos. The national debt soars to incredible levels, and nobody does anything about it in either party. Capitalism (i.e. liberty) is sneered at.

As money grows for the faux disabled, money decreases for the military in this increasingly uncertain world.

Traditional families, gender roles and religions are also sneered at. Emotional deviancy, which has crafted its own flags to wave, is celebrated, protected by law and rubbed in the faces of the huge majority.

Children are confused and left on their own.

On the international stage, the clueless, ineffectual president none too subtly favors dangerous religious fanatics whom he does not consider to be such due to his being poorly informed and devoted to left-wing multicultural pipe dreams. And this very perilous presidency favors unlawful, unilateral action to consensus.

mex flagYes, America is a mess.

It’s a great time to be a Mexican.