Coco and the Day of the Dead


WE SAW COCO, the new movie from Disney and Pixar, yesterday evening right here on the mountaintop, in an old, renovated and lovely theater, once owned by my child bride’s uncle, on the small plaza.

Disney and Pixar Studies have hit the ball out of the soccer field with this one. It is wonderful, and you should not miss it.

The movie’s world debut was at our nearby state capital last month, and it opened across Mexico the following week. It became the highest-grossing movie in Mexican history, and it opened in the United States just a few days ago. The Mexican version is spoken in Spanish, of course, and I’m sure the American version is English for the Gringos.

The story is set around the Day of the Dead and the family of a boy of 12 who loves music. From what I have read, much research was done in Mexico to make the scenes architecturally realistic, and they succeeded in spades.

Coco does a beautiful job of reflecting elements of the Mexican culture, especially the almost obsessive fixation on family. And it’s a visual wonder.

It is not just for kids. Actually, I believe it’s more for grownups than for children. Head to the movie theater. It’s worth every peso you pay.

We both got weepy in a good way.