June jive

Edging into mid-June, here’s what I see:

The green grass is growing, and it’s received its first cut.

Orchids are blooming on branches of the peach tree.

Calla LilyBright-yellow calla lilies have burst from underground where they lurk in bulbs most of the year.

A big bush in the yard is erupting in white flowers that look like little roses, but they’re not little roses.

The air is cool, damp and encouraging, and I know that at this moment in Houston and New Orleans, where I once lived, the air is hot and oppressive.

* * * *


Time to pound on Obama a bit. It makes my day:

The Ohio Department of Insurance reports that premiums will likely rise 88 percent next year, a direct result of Obamacare. Change you can believe in!

And who says the president does not bring people together?

Both right-winger Glenn Beck and left-winger Michael Moore call NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero.

Snowden is in Hong Kong hiding from Obama’s gun thugs. You can go here to sign a White House petition to pardon Snowden. I sure did.

* * * *

At just before 8 a.m., it looks like it will be another cool, moist, lovely day here on the mountaintop. It’s nice to be unemployed.

* * * *

(Lily art by Tanya Stollzhow.)