New school days

* * * *

And here are the Old School Days, silly but fun:

Silly ole Bern

WHERE HAVE we heard this malarky before?

Fighting for justice and equality.

Standing up for working families.

Supporting veterans.

Taking on Wall Street.

Fighting for a living wage.

Yada, yada, yada.

Have you nodded off yet? Could these be promises from every presidential campaign in memory? But of course.

And the ad’s title: Real Change. Ring familiar?

Change You Can Believe In.  Do you remember? And Barry did deliver on that promise, but little of it is positive. The Mideast is spinning out of control. Plus Russia, China are beefing up.

The U.S. economy slogs on. Racial conflicts escalate.

I believe every bit of it.

And the national debt, now at $20 trillion, has almost doubled during Barry’s presidency.

Oh, dear. Where is leadership?

But my favorite vow of Bernie’s is: Free public colleges! The same thing that Barry has proposed recently. Free!

Of course, there is no free lunch nor free college. Somebody is paying. For every student getting “free” tuition, somebody is toiling somewhere and paying taxes, underwriting a student whether the worker wishes to or not. Pure coercion.

More socialist silliness reflecting total cluelessness. It’s stupendous that so many Americans cheer him on.

But why not? “Free” sounds great. Manna from heaven. Money falling from trees. Silly ole Bern.  Daffy supporters.

I do hope you are not one of them.

Putting Bern behind us, let’s turn to a superior option, Ted Cruz. Look at this Cruz ad. Instead of hoary lines like “taking on Wall Street,”  “supporting the family” and absurdities like “free” college, Cruz focuses here on a specific, grave danger.

The Mohammedan threat.

After eight years of the nancy Barry, Ted Cruz would be a stupendous replacement in the Oval Office.

Women and men are different

TRYING TO INSERT women into the Marine Corps infantry officer ranks has, not surprisingly, failed utterly.


The Marine Corps got along famously for decades without women in its infantry, and that is how it should be. Then feminism reared its Butchy head, frightening the Marines, something they should be eternally embarrassed about, and they opened training for infantry officers to the distaff side.

Not surprisingly, the ladies couldn’t keep up. Most men can’t keep up. Women had nary a prayer. But due to the silly egalitarian/victim culture in which the United States now wallows, they had to be given a chance.

Women do have a place in the military, and that place is far back at headquarters, doing the thinking. Women are equal to men in the thinking area, but not in the brawn department.

Women should not be firemen either, which is one of the most physically grueling occupations that exists.

It’s nutty that these common-sense conclusions are considered reactionary these days.

* * * *

(TOMORROW: Fifteen years in Mexico, the anniversary post. The final adventure. Don’t miss it!)

The Lesbo look

There is one basic current in the political correctness movement. All of the movement’s outrages are related to this element.

That current is militant feminism from the Island of Lesbos. This current claims to be about equality, and that is true.

The manly women want to be like the guys, and they also want the guys to be like them. Unisex, and everybody equal.

The political correctness movement stormed the White House in 2008, and they installed an androgynous front man who looks like you could knock him over with a feather, the kind of fellow who wears a helmet on a bicycle.

He is disorganized. He dithers. His far more manly wife shoves him around. And his foreign policy is to say he’s sorry.

He has been dispatched from the Island of Lesbos. He is their guy, using the word loosely. And this is the cause of the assault on the U.S. military, the putting of women where they have no business being.

hatPlaces like the Marine Corps Infantry.

The horrors are piling up. Here is the latest. Barry wants male Marines to look more like women. Have you seen the new headgear? Here is a news story about Obama’s girly chapeau.

Barry aims to dip into the federal bank account, which is already the Red Sea, to extract $8 million for the hats that are almost identical to women Marines’ new headgear. It’s all about equality that tilts toward women.

More detritus washes ashore daily from the Island of Lesbos.