Fooling ourselves

Or rather, Mask Madness! It’s well known that people who (inexplicably) still vote for Democrats are far fonder of wearing masks than more sensible folks who vote for Republicans. Why is that? One wonders.

Medical experts from The New England Journal of Medicine to The World Health Organization and also the Centers for Disease Control, the Center for Infectious Disease Research, the Journal for the American Medical Association, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons have all publicly stated that wearing masks is mostly useless.

Even the medical bureaucrat Dr. Fauci said in March:

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

I hear that in some areas above the border, going out sans mask can actually get you attacked, either physically or verbally or both. Or arrested. Here in Mexico that is rare because we are peaceful people who mind our own business.

I only mask up when necessary, mostly to enter a store that requires it. Otherwise, I walk about breathing freely. We do have our mask fanatics here, and my favorites to laugh at are people driving alone in their cars or walking alone in the open air.

If you want more depth on the details I mentioned above, go right here.

The howl of the wolf

WHEN THE KUNG FLU hysteria began in Mexico around February, our president said it was no big deal. Other elements of the government, however, followed the lead of the United States and declared the sky was falling.

Stay home! Stay home! Sickness and death await you outside! That was the advice of many governors and mayors. Businesses were told to close. Face masks were declared obligatory. Many people did stay home. Many businesses did shut.

March and April found lots of folks hunkering down, ourselves included. A government website keeps track of Kung Flu cases in about every nook and cranny of Mexico. It looked scary in some spots, especially around the border and in Mexico City.

Time passed. People wearied of staying home. We were in that number. On May 10, a relatively arbitrary date I chose, we stopped self-quarantine and resumed life as usual with some easy, common sense precautions.

At least here on the mountaintop, life has mostly returned to normal, but here’s the funny thing. The Kung Flu count is worsening by the day. In the whole nation, the cases increase about 4,000-5,000 per day, but the daily recovery count is almost the same, so it’s a roller-coaster. People sicken, people recover.

wolfHere’s the wolf thing. They cried it when the situation was relatively calm, and people hunkered down. But the citizens wearied of home life, and we’ve mostly returned to the streets.

The government should have waited longer to cry wolf. Or maybe not have cried it at all.

If you drive our mountaintop streets now, it’s back to normal. Even the multiplex movie theater reopened a few days ago. Almost all businesses are open. However, City Hall still has our two downtown plazas roped off, for all the good that does.

And the governor says it’s still obligatory to wear masks in public, but most do not, and those who do often have it hanging below their chin, a form of virtue-signalling.

But is this whole thing overblown, as some suspect? On my mountaintop, our death toll of three (!) is 0.003 percent of our population. Our confirmed case count of 23 is 0.025 percent of the population. In the entire nation, the death toll of 16,000 is 0.012 percent of the population. And the confirmed case count of 134,000 is under 0.11 percent of the population.

Those are darn good odds.

However, some spots in Mexico are taking the Kung Flu threat very seriously. A small burg in the State of Oaxaca will toss you in the slammer for 24 hours if you’re seen in public without a face mask.

The new normal?

Posing on the scarlet sofa. It is scarlet. Trust me.

WELCOME TO our living room in the Plague Year.

So, okay, we’re just having a bit of fun. We don’t wear masks inside the house … or outside either. These tissue ones I bought in a 10-pack for 20 pesos two weeks ago are next to useless. However, I have a couple of good ones en route from above the border that I purchased on Amazon, apparently just in time because now they’re unavailable.

Amazon tells me they will arrive here between May 14 and June 11, which means we can use them for the next pandemic, not this one. And there will be another because the Chinese Commies are intent on world domination by hook, crook or virus.

Note my new buzz cut, a more convenient hairdo in these troubled times. Something you cannot see is that I quit shaving about a week ago. If I keep it up, I’ll resemble a svelte Santa before this is all over. But I will not bear gifts.

My child bride did something wacko with her hair this morning. That’s a housecleaning hairstyle. She would never hit the streets looking like that, I promise.

We’ll be dining in a restaurant this afternoon, so our quarantine is half-assed.