About the plaza


JUST UNDER two blocks away, our neighborhood plaza is where we walk most every morning weekdays. Weekends are for other things.

Off one corner of the plaza, there’s the view above, showing the elevated railway track, the same that passes near our Hacienda down thataway to the left. All my life I lived in flatlands, wishing I lived in mountains, and now I do, and it’s wonderful.

We’re not the only folks to walk the plaza, however. There’s this old dude below. I very much admire his spunk because that’s an exercise walk he’s doing too, but with a walker. He inches along.

He needs knee replacements, on both sides, but he’ll never get them. We always say hi as we speed by, relatively speaking, lapping him many times over. Sometimes he rests on a steel bench. Other times he pauses and chats with others. He keeps his mustache well trimmed.