The luckiest generation

MY FATHER WAS a member of The Greatest Generation, Americans who suffered through the Great Depression and still had the will to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese during World War II.

shoeThese guys then put Germany and Japan back together before coming home and gearing up the most successful and innovative economy the world has ever known.

I am one of that generation’s offspring. Perhaps you are too. My generation is called the Boomers, but a far more accurate name would be The Luckiest Generation.

We have never known true want. Except for our soldiers in foreign lands on occasion, a necessity, no one has ever shot at us or dropped bombs on us. We’ve never faced famine or refugee camps.

Since we’ve been so lucky, most of us don’t think about the fact that few people across the grim pages of history have had it this good. I’m talking about the “Western World,” which I define as the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and I’ll toss in the Aussies and New Zealanders.

It’s the world of liberal democracy, capitalism and freedom.

The Luckiest Generation should go to bed each night thanking the Goddess for its good fortune. Most do not, and their offspring, the grandchildren of the Greatest Generation, do it even less, if at all. They are Twittering, Facebooking and Instagraming.

The leading edge of my generation, those who timed it just right, like me, is getting long in the tooth, and the odds are that we will go to our cremation urns relatively unscathed.

What incredible good fortune, good karma. We are blessed.

Underdogs and overdogs

The overdogs
The overdogs — free Israelis
The underdogs
The underdogs — self-oppressed Mohammedans

It feels good to root for the underdog, which is why so many people do it. It’s assumed the underdog is under  through no fault of his own. It’s fate, lousy luck, and it just ain’t right.

Conversely, we think badly of the overdog, the guy at the top, the high school football star, the prom queen. We’re full of envy, and hate them for it. They were born attractive and talented, and it just ain’t fair.

Almost all anti-Americanism in the world today stems from this human trait. Same goes for the ballooning anti-Semitism that we see all around us.

More and more, especially among the elites, the opinion-swayers in the Anglophone world and Western Europe, America is bad-mouthed, and so is Israel. The poor, oppressed Mohammedans have our hearts.

Truth is that America and its natural ally Israel are overdogs due to their cultures of democracy, capitalism and liberty. The Mohammedans are underdogs because their miserable, backward cultures are precisely the contrary.

Above are photos of Israeli women and Mohammedan women. In which world would you want to live? The beautiful Israeli babes are free. The Mohammedan women are covered, literally and figuratively.

Maybe they are beautiful too. There’s no way to know. Were they to show us, they might get thrashed or stoned.

The American government in recent decades, no matter the political party in charge, has strived to bring democracy and freedom to the Mohammedan world. The intention is nice, but it has not worked, and it never will.

Might as well try to teach independence to an ant or valor to a sheep. The miserable Mohammedan culture will always thwart such efforts.

One of The Moon’s objectives is to lead you into the light. Here’s a perceptive column by Dr. Michael Youssef, an Egyptian cleric living in Atlanta.