Behold the smurf

Where but here on The Moon does one encounter such a wide array of topics? The answer is nowhere. So let us pivot from the previous topic, the End of Civilization, to the fun one of smurfs.

But hold your horses!

An online inquiry reveals many definitions of smurf. I was shocked, and maybe you will be too. First, there is the “Belgian comic franchise centered on a fictional colony of small, blue, humanoid creatures who live in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest.”

But in online gaming, a smurf is an experienced player who uses a new account to deceive other players into thinking he’s a noob (newbie). A smurf can also be a money launderer who seeks to evade scrutiny from government agencies by breaking up large transactions.

And there is the latest of my child bride’s crochet art, the smurf you see in the photo. Keep in mind that her work is done from scratch. There are no molds, etc. It all begins and ends with crochet needles. And numerous hours of labor. Her handiwork is for sale. International shipping available. Moon readers eligible for a sweet discount.

Be the first on your block to own a piece of The Moon.

Ballet of death

Possibly I posted this great video on The Moon a couple of years ago. Possibly I thought about it, but never did it. No matter. I just encountered it again, and I’m a sharing sort of fellow. In these troubled times, good laughs are getting hard to come by, and this is one great laugh indeed.

Hold onto your sombrero. There is some potty language included if that sort of thing is a problem for you. If it is, well, don’t watch it, but you’ll be missing out big-time.

Leave 10 pesos in the tip jar on your way out, por favor.

Reuben the bulldog

I AM A YOUTUBE fanatic. Anything that’s ever been filmed, it seems, is on YouTube. It’s a gold mine of information and entertainment, something that’s more important than ever in these quarantine days of the Plague Year.

Recently, I found the channel of Ruben the Bulldog. It is very fun, not only due to Reuben himself but to his owner who writes captions that are quite clever.

I sometimes think of getting a dog. Long on the list has been a standard poodle, the big, non-whiny ones. not the little froufrou mutts. But after watching Reuben for a couple of weeks, I think maybe an English bulldog would add to the tone around here.

I’ve never owned a dog in my life.

But Reuben has a certain cachet.

A deviant Saturday

We got to La Plazuela just before 2 p.m. Few other customers had arrived. That’s an actual half-car hanging on the wall, sliced right down the middle.

WE’RE PRETTY staid people, and our days don’t vary much, especially Saturdays when it’s baking in the morning, and hawking pastries downtown in the afternoon.

But we chucked all that yesterday and broke out of our mold.

We drove down the mountainside to the state capital with just frivolity on the agenda, not shopping, which is normally what takes us to the big city.


First, we dined at a Cuban restaurant called La Plazuela. We ordered what’s called “the Banquet.” That’s it on our table. We ate it all.

View in the other direction, toward the bar.

In 2012, we had quite a few Cuban meals at ground zero, the communist hellhole of Cuba itself, which is where we went for our 10th anniversary. You can read about that here. But we prefer our Cuban food in a free world.

After the meal, we headed to a movie theater, one of those fancy ones with the wide seats where waiters come to where you’re sitting to take orders, but we ordered nothing.

We were full of Cuban food.

The movie was Rocketman, the life of Elton John. It was a very good movie. I’ve long been an Elton John fan. The English actor Taron Egerton did a superlative job of portraying the singer and actually singing Elton’s music.

Elton John overcame his serious addiction to the bottle and drugs almost 30 years ago. He’s an old coot now, just two years younger than I am.

Saturday was notable for another thing: the initial lawn mowing of the year. Abel the Deadpan Yardman started his work for the summer of 2019. He arrived at 10 a.m. and finished before we headed to the state capital.

The lawn looks very nice this morning.

Sometimes, you gotta break out of your mold. It’s fun.

Not a tall blade in sight. That’s an aloe vera on the right.