I’m in love

WERE I NOT already gleefully married, were I not old enough to be her grandfather, were I not living in a foreign land, I would immediately run to this young woman and ask for her hand in Holy Matrimony.

Tomi Lahren is not only strikingly lovely, but she is incredibly smart and sharp. Yes, I am in love, totally smitten.

I feel the vapors coming on.

Barry’s raspberry


FOR A DAY or two after the Supreme Court’s rewriting of the U.S. Constitution so gay folks can get married, I saw this photo in passing as I scanned news stories. I naively assumed it was Photoshopped.

When I learned that Barry had actually done this, my head exploded. To call this outrageous is a massive understatement.

Gay marriage is extremely controversial. A large chunk of the U.S. population opposes it far more than I do, and most of that opposition is felt by Christians who consider it a slap in the face of God.

chuckleheadThe president is the president of all the people. The White House is the house of all the people. The hyper-partisan Barry, the antithesis of a president “of all the people,” does not get that.

For the millions of Americans who oppose gay marriage, you have received a raspberry from your president. He has stuck his finger in your eye on purpose. He is doing a victory jig around the White House, and he’s doing all these things intentionally. It’s the upraised middle finger.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Barry, for more reasons than just this, is the worse occupant of the White House in history.

Censored and banned

WITH THE overreaching Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is constitutional (the Constitution mentions anything related to gay marriage?) WordPress, like a number of other online outfits — Tumblr, Facebook, etc. — decided to fly the Gay Pride flag in riotous multicultural celebration.

The blowback was immediate and extreme on their forum, which I imagine caught the zealous, politically trendy, high-tech boys and girls who run WordPress completely by surprise.

flagPeople oppose gay marriage?! How is it possible?

They were flummoxed.

Did they realize their faux pas and zap the flag? Did they apologize and state that the flag’s appearance was temporary, which appears to be the case? Did they open their diversity-loving hearts to contrary opinions?

Answer: Not on your life, Bub.

They began closing the forum threads that complained and banning posters who wrote or supported them. This is akin to the outrage that a commencement-speaking invitation to Bill O’Reilly or any conservative would confront at New York University or Columbia.

Following is the forum post that got me — yes, me — banned:

I’m picturing a WP staff meeting of the top honchos. I see a group of gals and guys, most if not all Millennials, all tech-savvy, natch, and the door is shut, creating an echo chamber which, of course, means their own, identical ideas are always heard over and over again. Other ideas — contrary notions — do not intrude. If one does bust in somehow, everybody screams in unison to drown it out.

This means they assume their concepts, beliefs and ideals are universal.

One of these ideas is that gay marriage is a great thing. It never occurs to any of them that a contrary idea exists. Oh, they know that evil people out there, mostly in fly-over country, folks who chew tobacco and cud and intermarry with cousins, do not believe in gay marriage, but they dismiss these people out of hand as of no importance whatsoever. Surely, none of those hayseeds are WP customers.

Another idea that bounces eternally off the wall of the echo chamber is that Capitalism is a curse. They believe this in spite of getting a weekly paycheck from a corporation. Nobody ever said the echo chamber had to make perfect sense or even any sense at all.

Believing Capitalism and corporations to be a curse, they feel free to ignore basic corporate rules such as not angering your customers, and its flip side of doing all possible to have happy customers.

There is also the long-known concept of staying out of religion and politics if you don’t want to have a bonfire in your living room, a bonfire that — if not brought under control — can burn your house down.

I imagine this WP staff meeting of Millennials in their echo chamber, and I know that apart from computer code they are clueless about running a business. How else to explain this inexplicable, and almost impossible to remove, rainbow flag on the editor?

Even your yokel plowing a peanut patch in fly-over country to sell at the market knows the basic premise of not angering any more of your customers than necessary. He wants to sell dem peanuts, after all.

He restricts his religious beliefs to church service on Sunday morning and his political beliefs to the voting booth. He knows better than to wave them in the faces of customers who just might think otherwise.

* * * *

FYI: I ‘m okay with legal unions for gays, but the marriage word should be kept out of it. Only men and women should “get married.” Call me old-fashioned. I do not mind. You may feel otherwise, and that’s okay.

I will not ban you for it.

Much ado about …

Reading news websites, both lefty and righty, one would think the nation’s most pressing issue is gay marriage.

RainbowNews flash! Very few people are gay.*   Nobody knows with certainty, but it appears to be about 2 percent, a minuscule proportion. However, many people think the number is considerably higher.

One reason people overestimate the percentage is that gays are numerous in the arts, and that includes Hollywood and television. One can hardly pass an evening before the tube these days without seeing men in liplocks.

It’s almost always men. Lesbians are less drawn to the arts, preferring police work, anger, establishing “Women’s Studies” propaganda cells in universities and, of course, applying to the Marine Corps OTS.

That this has become such a flaming issue, pun intended, reflects the success of gay activists who, decades ago, came storming out of the closet on the political-correctness battleship, all cannons blasting.

But, aside from gays and Bible-thumpers, few people care about this.

Here’s my take: Civil unions all around. Make it legit everywhere. Let them share medical decisions, inheritances, all that legal stuff. Why not?

Marriage no, even though I am hazy on the difference between civil unions and marriage. But don’t call it marriage because it stirs up the Bible-thumpers, and they play a vital social role, inculcating moral principles.

Yes, I am aware you disagree with those principles.

Adopting children no. Here’s another reason not to use the marriage word. Children want normal families. Any research worth spit shows children do best with a female mother and a male father, the old standbys.

It’s Mother Nature’s preferred lifestyle. Yes, I know you’re familiar with gay couples with adopted children, and they are all just as happy as apple pie.

I’ll mail you those kids’ therapy bills after they turn 21.

Incidentally, if gays can marry, why not brothers and sisters? Why not a man and two women? Why not a woman and her uncle? It’s a slippery slope.

And who are we to decide, to make judgments?

There are few people in the above categories, but there really aren’t all that many gays either. They are simply vocal, obfuscating their true total.

Gay marriage should be a side show under the national circus tent of problems due to their minute numbers. It’s not Page One news.

Let’s focus instead on really important issues. Iran with a nuclear weapon. Getting the capitalist economy back on track. Legalizing drugs and emptying prisons of harmless people. Cutting the horrendous government debt.

Lowering taxes. Axing most free rides. Legalizing assisted suicide. Keeping Mohammedans home on the sands of Arabia, not here. Letting 8-year-old boys look up girls’ skirts again without being arrested for sex crimes.

Firing that ding-a-ling in the Oval Office.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We are way off course.

* * * *

* For simplicity, I use “gay” to include homosexuals of both sexes.

(Note: Here’s a Wiki article that also demonstrates how few people are actually gay. Head toward the bottom where it gets detailed.)