Who’s the vulgarian?


DEFINITION OF vulgar, says dictionary.com:

Ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste.

Another online source, thefreedictionary.com:

Deficient in taste, consideration or refinement.

Donald Trump is often accused of vulgarity. It’s a charge, I think, that springs primarily from his campaign reference to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, which decidedly was not The Donald’s finest hour.

But the charge of vulgarity rests on other things. He spouts politically incorrect phrases — I salute him for that — and his current politics run counter to the Democrat Party’s.

On Trump’s worst days, he would not be welcome at Miss Manners’ soirees. On his best days, he’d fit right in.

Let’s take a look now at how President Barack Hussein Obama — or Weepy Barry, as I always prefer to call him — measures on the same vulgarity scale.

Weepy Barry was expected to heal racial divisions before he took office. What he has done is exacerbate them.

Take the Trayvon Martin case. Weepy Barry opined that Trayvon could have been his son, a very inappropriate statement that lacked good breeding and taste.

In spite of Olympian efforts by locals and feds, they couldn’t convict George Zimmerman because Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self-defense as both witnesses and Zimmerman’s bloodied body indicated beyond any doubt.

Weepy Barry’s siding with Trayvon was vulgar because it was “deficient in good breeding and taste.”

It was also colossally un-presidential.

On the international stage, Israel has been America’s best ally in the Middle East for decades, which all presidents have acknowledged and embraced. Until Weepy Barry.

Israel is the eternally troubled area’s only free society. I and others define free society as one that embraces tolerance. Israel represses neither women nor other religions.

Weepy Barry’s turning his back to Israel is vulgar because it is “deficient in taste and consideration.” Flipping the finger to an old and faithful friend is extremely vulgar.

Weepy Barry skipped the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, which showed a “lack of good breeding.”

That Weepy Barry visits Mohammedan mosques while refusing to utter the phrase “Muslim terror” is something lacking in “taste, consideration and refinement.”

Vulgarity comes in all shapes and sizes.

If Trump replaces Weepy Barry in the Oval Office, we’ll simply swap a mulatto vulgarian from Chicago with a blond vulgarian from New York City.

Or if Hillary wins, a blonde vulgarian from Chicago. Yes, Chicago, not Arkansas.

Delights of diversity

The empty socialist suit disastrously deposited in the Oval Office by a daffy American public says the Zimmerman verdict should cause us to “address the issues of race and gun control.”

Where has Barack been all his life?

Leaving gun control for another day, I say this: Is any topic addressed more than race in today’s America? Does Al Sharpton ever sleep?

It is a nation obsessed with race and other issues that so enrapture the hearts of the intellectual elites who dream of a multicultural Valhalla where one day all skin tones, religions, genders and sexual orientations will coexist in a honey pot of love and acceptance of every difference.

These dreams run directly counter to human nature and all of history.

So . . . whoops!

KumbayaAccording to FBI statistics, over 90 percent of murders of black people are committed by other black people.

When will Barack urge us to “address” that? And the chaos in which too much of urban black America lives.

Point 1: The black Martin getting killed by the white-Hispanic Zimmerman was a statistically rare anomaly.

Point 2: All the hubbub about it is a beautiful illustration of the fact that a multicultural nation is a nation in deep trouble.

Down through the dark halls of history and up to the current day, multicultural societies are at one another’s throats far more often than not.

A peaceful nation is a nation in which almost everyone shares the same skin tone, religion, language and culture. A nation is a family, or should be, and it has been that through most of human history.

Multiculturalism is a dangerous fad.

If you want civic peace, don’t encourage diversity. Multiculturalism within a nation is a dilemma to be dealt with in the kindest manner possible. It is a dire problem, not something to be encouraged and adulated.

Ask Zimmerman and the corpse of Martin.

News of the day

Lots of stuff going on!

1. It’s not going too well for the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial, but the evidence has nothing to do with it. As in the O.J. Simpson debacle, the jurors will vote based on their personal skin tone.

I hear the primary skin tone is vanilla. Zimmerman will walk.

Television!So expect ghetto blacks living on disability to muster the ability to riot. They will break windows and tote off big-screen televisions in the name of racial injustice.

Ain’t multiculture marvelous?

2. Egypt’s President Morsi is having a bad time with the people and the military. The Mohammedan Morsi says he will die before resigning.

Great idea. Shoot him.

3. Immigrants, both legal and not, account for all job gains in the United States since 2000. Native-born Americans, on the other hand . . .

It’s Bush’s fault, I tell you.

4. Washington D.C. moves closer to giving illegal aliens drivers’ licenses, a license that will look exactly like those of real Americans. The new license will be part of their Welcome Wagon Basket.

Sane nations don’t do this type of thing.

5. Basketball doofus Dennis Rodman wants the Nobel Peace Prize for his trip to North Korea to play kissy-face with dictator Jim Jong-un.

I say give it to him. Obama got one. I think you can buy them at WalMart now. On sale with additional discount for photo-free Democrat voter card.

6. The Obama administration tries to quietly delay implementation of a key part of Obamacare. It’s not going too well, you see. Oh, dear.

Didn’t go quietly either.

Republicans renew call for repeal of the legislative mess.

Let it happen.

* * * *

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. These are grand times to be American.