Standing in the sunshine

EARLY IN DECEMBER we had a number of overnight freezes, not typical of the month. But it passed, and since mid-December things have returned to normal, more or less, perhaps even a bit nicer than normal.

But that’s not to say it’s comfortable in the mornings, far from it. And how do we mountaintop Mexicans deal with the morning chill? We go outside and stand in the sunshine. This is very common. I do it myself.

This morning I went for my usual exercise walk around the neighborhood plaza. A fellow who runs a little store on the corner was standing on the sidewalk, sunning himself. He frequently does that.

New ImageOn the walk up to the plaza I spotted another guy standing in the sunshine. I also saw a hog, which isn’t common. That same fellow had the hog on a rope that was tied around a light post. Pet or future lunch? Who knows?

On returning from the plaza, heading back home, I saw the hog walking alone down the street with the rope trailing behind. His owner was nowhere in sight. The moral to that yarn is that if you’re gonna tie a pig to a post, do it tight.

On getting home, here’s what I saw: Guys in the yard digging up grass and the sole remaining giant maguey. Yes, after years of thinking on it and talking about it, I’ve begun the process of replacing grass with concrete and stone.

I have a four-year plan and with luck I’ll live long enough to complete it. The fourth year would have me older than my father was when he kicked the bucket in Atlanta at age 75. It’s preferable to think positively.

7501022019009The guys say the work will take a week, and that means it likely will be two weeks. I’ll have photos later. Stay tuned. We are also, after 15 years at the Hacienda, in the process of abandoning five-gallon jugs of purified water. Stay tuned about that too. January is a month of much activity at the Hacienda.

Now I’m heading back outside to stand in the sunshine.