Change your life

Many years ago, about seven, I wrote instructions on how to move over the Rio Bravo into a different world.

Later, on noting that quite a few people were doing just that, I became concerned and, not wanting to see too many of my previous paisanos following in my bold footsteps, I took the instructions offline.

But now the Gringos are suffering. The collectivist leader they unwisely re-elected last year is doing squat to provide jobs, and my heart goes out.

In wantAre soup lines and Hoovervilles on the near horizon?

Know that you have an option. Yes, you may move over the southern border where government does not pry and control every iota of your life, where your money is your own, where you don’t have to be charitable if you dang well don’t feel like it.

(That’s why God invented churches and church people. Bless ’em.)

Where health care is good and affordable. And taxes are low.

So I have decided to resurrect my instructions to enter a better world. The material is updated, and it has a new, colorful face.

Yes, the wildly popular website La vida bougainvillea is online again. There is hope, my woebegone Gringo friends, but not where you are . . .

. . . where I am.

* * * *

(Note: This post was here briefly yesterday, but the La Vida link did not work. Now it does. I hope. Sorry for the inconvenience, such as it was.)