The howl of the wolf

WHEN THE KUNG FLU hysteria began in Mexico around February, our president said it was no big deal. Other elements of the government, however, followed the lead of the United States and declared the sky was falling.

Stay home! Stay home! Sickness and death await you outside! That was the advice of many governors and mayors. Businesses were told to close. Face masks were declared obligatory. Many people did stay home. Many businesses did shut.

March and April found lots of folks hunkering down, ourselves included. A government website keeps track of Kung Flu cases in about every nook and cranny of Mexico. It looked scary in some spots, especially around the border and in Mexico City.

Time passed. People wearied of staying home. We were in that number. On May 10, a relatively arbitrary date I chose, we stopped self-quarantine and resumed life as usual with some easy, common sense precautions.

At least here on the mountaintop, life has mostly returned to normal, but here’s the funny thing. The Kung Flu count is worsening by the day. In the whole nation, the cases increase about 4,000-5,000 per day, but the daily recovery count is almost the same, so it’s a roller-coaster. People sicken, people recover.

wolfHere’s the wolf thing. They cried it when the situation was relatively calm, and people hunkered down. But the citizens wearied of home life, and we’ve mostly returned to the streets.

The government should have waited longer to cry wolf. Or maybe not have cried it at all.

If you drive our mountaintop streets now, it’s back to normal. Even the multiplex movie theater reopened a few days ago. Almost all businesses are open. However, City Hall still has our two downtown plazas roped off, for all the good that does.

And the governor says it’s still obligatory to wear masks in public, but most do not, and those who do often have it hanging below their chin, a form of virtue-signalling.

But is this whole thing overblown, as some suspect? On my mountaintop, our death toll of three (!) is 0.003 percent of our population. Our confirmed case count of 23 is 0.025 percent of the population. In the entire nation, the death toll of 16,000 is 0.012 percent of the population. And the confirmed case count of 134,000 is under 0.11 percent of the population.

Those are darn good odds.

However, some spots in Mexico are taking the Kung Flu threat very seriously. A small burg in the State of Oaxaca will toss you in the slammer for 24 hours if you’re seen in public without a face mask.

How far we’ve fallen


THE MORE THIS Kung Flu hysteria drags on, the nuttier it shows itself to be.

But the lunacy has roots far from China.

Western Civilization started coming unraveled a few decades back. It began with the Hippie phenomenon in the 1960s, but it really kicked into gear with the birth of political correctness in the 1980s and its ensuing growth rate which looks a lot like pancreatic cancer’s.

I blame Karl Marx. And ignorance.

It’s difficult to see light between PC and leftism because they are so closely connected. It’s like trying to see light between Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. Or between Michael Moore and a double-patty cheeseburger with curly fries.

Those of us of advanced age are fortunate. We’re probably going to check out before the entire shebang falls on our heads. And the Visigoths storm the gates. That is my hope.

Moments in Mexican time

HERE WE SIT, self-quarantining on the mountaintop this morning with time to kill. We’ll be self-quarantining for a couple hours more till we get into the Honda and head to a German-style restaurant that abuts the big lake nearby. With luck, it will be open. If not, we’ll continue down the old, curvy highway till we find an eatery that is open.

You gotta eat.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment because I know you too are self-quarantined, here are a few videos that I’ve taken over the years.

Sometimes we get hot-air balloons high in the sky.

There was also that day when we were driving the twisty two-laner with a great view of the lake near Ucazanastacua. Can you say Ucazanastacua? I know you can say Bob Dylan and Mr. Tambourine Man. There was lots of wind.

Every year during Easter Week, we get these people making tamales on one of the downtown plazas. It gets really smoky, and at night it looks spooky, the fires and all. But it won’t happen this year. It’s been canceled due to the Kung Flu hysteria. Sad.

A train passes just past dawn five years ago near the Hacienda. Trains rumble by six or seven times every 24 hours, day and night. You get used to it. Some are noisier than others. It depends on the engineers and their desire to honk the horn.

If the German restaurant is open, and I’m guessing it will be, I’ll order Bratwurst and sauerkraut. After packing it all in, we’ll return to the Hacienda to start that self-quarantine thing again with Netflix’s help. At least till tomorrow when we’ll likely drive to the nearby state capital to stock up on goods. Get some toilet paper and lettuce.

The sweet thing about self-quarantining is that you can decide when and if to do it. There’s a freedom about it, which I embrace. Stay clean.

Kung Flu vs. Normal flu

AS OF YESTERDAY, the Kung Flu had allegedly* killed 1, 814 people in the United States.

The seasonal flu, on the other hand, has killed over 23,000 this season.

In the United States alone. And it hasn’t ended.

New ImageWhich one is sending us into paroxysms of hysteria? Which one is causing us to hunker down at home behind barred doors, close businesses, lay off employees and inflict serious damage on the economy? Yes, the teeny-tiny flu.

This is nuts.

But I have good news from China. Starbucks is reopening 95 percent of its shops in the communist country. While honest information about the Kung Flu is questionable from the Chinese government, the Starbucks reopenings are important.

Starbucks is not a government propaganda outlet. Their reopenings indicate the Kung Flu is winding down in China after a three-month surge.

As of two days ago, if one is to believe China, 3,292 people had died there from the Kung Flu, which is still far less than the seasonal flu in the United States alone.

Yes, the commies will soon be able to order a smoked butterscotch frappuccino with a sprouted grain vegan bagel and avocado spread. Or most any of the trendily named offerings from the Seattle corporate behemoth. Cause for joy.

Now let’s all head outside. Hold hands, kiss and hug.

* * * *

* Read this. Interesting take on things.