Long gone like Elvis


THE AMERICAN Left has left the common-sense building, and I don’t think they’re coming back, but I wish they would.

So let’s put aside for the moment the nutty socialist stuff and the “everybody is a racist” mantra and just focus on immigration.

There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, and many of them would like to live in America. In fact, tens of millions of folks have illegally entered the USA since Ronald Reagan signed an immigrant amnesty bill in 1986.

Democrats, at least many of them, are happy the illegal people are here and are clamoring for millions more to come in the name of justice and diversity. Even though immigrant families are heavy users of welfare programs, and the nation currently owes 22 trillion dollars, liberals don’t care. The left actually wants to pay for the healthcare of foreign nationals who break U.S. immigration law.

Of course, this defies reason and will eventually lead to very bad things for all Americans as the national debt will eventually collapse the economy. Again, the left doesn’t care, and some look forward to that because socialism might replace capitalism if there’s ever a depression, which is possible with the crushing debt.

So maybe there is some common sense here after all.

* * * *

(This is a guest post by the inimitable Bill O’Reilly, formerly of Fox News.)

Visit to the post office

EVERY OTHER Saturday, around 8:30 a.m. to avoid heavy traffic, I leap into the Honda and head downtown to check the sparse contents of my post office box.

I did that today. It’s a nice drive, usually very cool due to the early hour. There’s rarely anything in the PO box, which is why I check it only every two weeks.

flat-rate-envelopeAs I pass the Best Western, there are two black folks standing in the street at the speed bump with their hands out. They are Central American illegals heading north. This is not the first time I’ve seen Central Americans at that speed bump.

How do I know they are Central Americans? Because the last time I spotted similar people at that speed bump, they were holding a sign that said so. Also, black Mexicans, not too numerous anywhere, are nonexistent in our area.

In contrast, blacks are quite common in Central America.

My mind wanders here and there during the 15-minute drive to the post office.

Yesterday I read a poll that said our nincompoop demagogue of a leftist president, whom I refer to as El Presidente Moonbat, has slipped 8 points in popularity, from 78 percent to 70 percent, still way, way too high. But another poll this morning says he’s plummeted to 47 percent. I pray the latter poll is the correct one.

He’s gutted the public health system. Violence is at record highs. Economic trust is declining. Plus, he’s vindictive and divisive. And likely wants to be President for Life. His party controls the legislative branch. The Constitution can be changed.

We’re in the middle of a three-day festival here on the mountaintop. It’s called CantoyaFest, and I’m not a fan. Traffic is awful. Downtown is sealed off.

And, worst of all, it’s a huge fire hazard.

Beautiful balloons of some questionable material are sent aloft in scores. These balloons contain actual fires. They’re launched directly over centuries-old wooden buildings. You see the problem? But we’re Mexican, and we know the Virgin Mary will keep everything under control, and so far she has. I question her reliability.

The post office box contained just two things today. A routine, monthly advisory that my corporate pension had been deposited to my bank account. And a separate promo from another bank. Both were wastes of paper and postage.

Two weeks ago, I received an IRS letter, which is not something you want to see. It had been mailed way back in May. It said I owed over $1,000, and I had damn well better do something about it. Well, something like that.

I phoned the IRS, and a nice lady straightened out the issue. I did not owe anything, an IRS error. Mail is slow to arrive, but usually not that slow. I’ve had a PO box for almost 19 years. It’s far better than counting on delivery to your door.

My biweekly post office visits are fun.

Except when there’s a letter from the IRS.

Double dose of irony

I POSTED A piece on June 20, Drowning in Irony, about the anger many Mexicans feel due to people from south of their border invading Mexico without permission, which is to say illegal aliens from (mostly) Central America.

The irony, of course, is that Mexicans feel they have every right to sneak into the United States illegally, but when other people from even farther south sneak into Mexico illegally, well, that’s another matter altogether.

This is irony involving Mexicans.

And now we have irony involving people who embrace Political Correctness, specifically England where PC maintains a steel grip these days. The British government enforces diversity, inclusion, tolerance and all that hooey on a daily basis. If you don’t toe the line, a prison term is a real possibility. Just ask Tommy Robinson.

Birmingham, England’s “second city,” is infested with Mohammedans due to England’s Politically Correct, open-arms approach to immigration, which Mohammedans have taken advantage of to a monumental degree. The cash benefits are great!

“Inclusion” is, of course, integral to Political Correctness. So we now have this school in Birmingham that is dead set on forcing a LGBT curriculum on pre–schoolers.* You can imagine how that sits with Mohammedans, none of whom embrace “inclusion.”

Especially with homosexuals whom they prefer to murder.

This is our second dose of irony. 

Many of Birmingham’s large Mohammedan population do not even speak English, and their womenfolk walk about covered in black sheets. Assimilation? Ha!

The woman doing the interview in the video is Katie Hopkins, an English, conservative, incendiary whom you either love or hate. I love her. Not normally a fan of Mohammedans, Katie keeps her cool here and makes excellent points.

When more loony leftist irony comes to my attention, count on me to post it here. Their core, fatal problem is they don’t understand human nature.

* * * *

* The mind reels, does it not?

Democrat smoke & mirrors

THE DEMOCRAT propaganda machine known as The New York Times* recently ran a front-page photo of a drowned man and child who was strapped to the man’s back.

The clear message was that this tragedy was the fault of President Trump.

Note that I said drowned man, not father, because we do not know if the man was the father of the child. The child could easily have been the man’s “ticket in.”

As Ted Cruz reveals in this video, the percentage of men sneaking over the border in 2014 with a child was about 1 percent. Now it’s about 50 percent. Why is this?

Something called the Flores Agreement from decades back says migrant children could be held briefly, not long term. Adult illegals can be held for long periods. Anyone with a lick of sense sees what this means: Bring a child! Any kid will do.

The child will not be put on the street alone.

If the Flores Agreement was decades back, why is this happening now? It was widely publicized during the Obama administration. Obama, not Trump. And rulings by activist (leftist) judges also magnified the effects of the Flores Agreement.

Nowadays, male illegals know it’s smart to have a kid in tow. How do they get a kid? They steal or buy one. Here’s an interesting piece in the San Diego Union-Tribune.


On Monday President Trump signed a bill providing $4.6 billion for humanitarian border assistance, legislation the Democrats stonewalled for weeks. The White House said this is just a short-term remedy to the border crisis. Well, duh.

What is really needed is a much longer border wall. Ask the Israelis.

* * * *

* Once a respected newspaper. But not anymore. Sad. If you want accurate news about the ongoing accomplishments of the Trump Administration, go to the White House website, and subscribe to “Updates.” You’ll get an excellent newsletter, about the only way to get non-hysterical information about the good work under way.