Inundation of irony

Mexicans yelling at Central Americans to go back where they came from.

I HAVE LONG preached that promoting multiculturalism is a recipe for mayhem. Examples of this age-old truth are in plain view all over the world and have been since the dawn of mankind.

We ignore it at our peril.

People are tribal. There are many tribes. One of the main ones is the nation-state. Other tribes are that of religion, language and culture. These tribes often overlap. We prefer the company of people like ourselves.

Foggy-headed leftists fight this truth as they dream of one world, no borders, and sing Kumbaya. Oh, Lord, Kumbaya. Everyone will live in harmony.

Though they never, ever have.

Above you see Mexicans in Tijuana who are unhappy, to put it mildly, at the invasion of Central Americans. They want them to beat feet back where they came from. I pray you see the knee-deep irony.

* * * *

I just finished a fascinating book that relates to this topic. Its title is Enoch Was Right: “Rivers of Blood” 50 Years On. That would be the brilliant British parliamentarian Enoch Powell who famously delivered a speech on April 20, 1968, in which he eloquently warned of the danger of uncontrolled immigration from nations that are drastically different from Great Britain.

The Establishment reviled him. Today, dangerous, ethnic ghettos abound in Great Britain full of folks maintaining the ways of their tribes back in Syria, Kenya, Sudan, etc., and Brits are arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for complaining about it in public.

Let us pause now for another verse of Kumbaya.

Or perhaps not.

The 23 percenter

I HAVE NOW spent 23 percent of my life in Mexico.

new-imageWere I a young buck, this would not be so many years, but I am an old moose with mossy horns. The years are plenty.

I stumbled thorough most of life with no intention of leaving the land of my birth. Georgia rednecks don’t move to Mexico. It was only within a year of moving that I started to think about it.

And then, within a one-month span, I dumped almost everything, got on a plane and came on down. For the first nine years, while my decrepit mother was still alive, I averaged one trip back a year, usually about a week.

I returned only once following her death in 2009, a few months after, and I’ve never been above the border since. I don’t miss it, and as time passes, I miss it even less.

From what I read on Gringo internet forums and websites, most everyone who “moves” to Mexico, be it for retirement or, much less often, to work, the draw of the Old Country is powerful. People can’t let go, and return often.

It appears compulsive, but it’s likely grandchildren.

Don’t tell my wife, please, but I have no intention of ever crossing the Rio Bravo again. I say don’t tell my wife because she really likes it up there, and dreams of another visit.

I have no tight family ties there — wish I did — so here I am, alone with a pack of Mexican relatives, including a number who’ve been illegal aliens above the border.

I speak Spanish almost exclusively. I live in a big Hacienda on what’s just above the U.S. poverty-income level, an interesting phenomenon since I’ve never felt richer in my life.

new-imageCan’t help but wonder what percentage of my life will have passed as a Mexican when it comes to a halt. No matter.

Pass the tacos, por favor.

Decision day looms

BRITAIN VOTES tomorrow on whether to remain or flee the collectivist, Kumbaya, European Union.

Everybody’s favorite faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos, tells us here why getting out is essential to not just Great Britain but, in the long run, to you too, amigos.

News of the day

Lots of stuff going on!

1. It’s not going too well for the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial, but the evidence has nothing to do with it. As in the O.J. Simpson debacle, the jurors will vote based on their personal skin tone.

I hear the primary skin tone is vanilla. Zimmerman will walk.

Television!So expect ghetto blacks living on disability to muster the ability to riot. They will break windows and tote off big-screen televisions in the name of racial injustice.

Ain’t multiculture marvelous?

2. Egypt’s President Morsi is having a bad time with the people and the military. The Mohammedan Morsi says he will die before resigning.

Great idea. Shoot him.

3. Immigrants, both legal and not, account for all job gains in the United States since 2000. Native-born Americans, on the other hand . . .

It’s Bush’s fault, I tell you.

4. Washington D.C. moves closer to giving illegal aliens drivers’ licenses, a license that will look exactly like those of real Americans. The new license will be part of their Welcome Wagon Basket.

Sane nations don’t do this type of thing.

5. Basketball doofus Dennis Rodman wants the Nobel Peace Prize for his trip to North Korea to play kissy-face with dictator Jim Jong-un.

I say give it to him. Obama got one. I think you can buy them at WalMart now. On sale with additional discount for photo-free Democrat voter card.

6. The Obama administration tries to quietly delay implementation of a key part of Obamacare. It’s not going too well, you see. Oh, dear.

Didn’t go quietly either.

Republicans renew call for repeal of the legislative mess.

Let it happen.

* * * *

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. These are grand times to be American.