‘A fantasy world’

Everyone who’s paying attention these days knows that if you turn on a TV drama or go to the movie theater or open a magazine and see ads that the “couples” and “families” you encounter will be biracial far more often than not.* Does this reflect the real world? No way, José, and everyone knows it.

So why do the people who make movies and TV series and ads of all sorts do this? Because they are young or relatively so, ignorant and embrace political correctness, a mindset devoted to pushing multiculturalism and diversity. And that’s why you see so many interracial families in entertainment and commerce. The people who make that stuff want to train you by repetition to think that it’s normal or can be.

But it’s not, and it cannot be. Blame human nature. All those ads and movies will have minimal effect. Almost everyone will continue to prefer the company of people who look like them. Go to a university cafeteria, where you’d think everyone would be embracing diversity, and you’ll find the black students sitting there, the white students sitting over here, and the Asian students sitting on the other side.

Pushing diversity is boneheaded. Multicultural societies tend toward violence and mayhem. Look at today’s multicultural America, then look at unicultural Mexico.

Case proved.

In the video, the ever-perspicacious Simon Webb looks at the situation in England, which is little different than the U.S. scene these days. Interestingly, Mexican ads and sit-coms rarely, if ever, feature biracial, bogus couples. I doubt you’ll see them anywhere in Asia either. It’s almost exclusively an English-speaking, historically white-nation phenomenon.

By the way, does the couple in the screen shot of the video look even remotely believable? If you say yes, I have a sweet deal of a pyramid scheme for you. Trust me.

*This is virtually unknown in Mexico, which is a unicultural society. We don’t have racial conflicts here. We do have lots of conflicts, but they’re almost never racial.