Dawn of June


JUNE DEBUTED this morning blue and cool. This follows quite a few days of gray and cool. This morning’s style is preferred.

This photo is, of course, somewhat similar to that of two days ago, but so what? I shifted to the left, so you get part of the monster bougainvillea. And those three pointy trees in the background that are in the neighbor’s yard across the street. He is a nice man who runs a small clothing store downtown, and his hair is silver like mine. My age too. How about that?

Often, when I gaze upon my garden, I think of my second ex-wife. She is a plant fanatic, a trained horticulturalist, and she works hard in her yard there in Houston. It looks nice (Thanks, Google Earth), but it’s nothing like this. And I put such little effort into it.

Plant, stand back, rain. Voilá.

It’s just not fair.

It’s such a lovely day that we two will motor out into the countryside for lunch at a place called The Tiger.

I often read news stories online about how one can plan and survive retirement financially in these difficult Obama times. Occasionally, I leave a comment that it’s simple. Just sell your junk. Pack your bags. Fly to Mexico.

I get responses like: That’s nuts. You’ll get murdered.  And similar silliness.