The socialist convention

YES, BOYS & GIRLS, America’s leftist “convention” begins today with virtually no one in attendance due to the Kung Flu and lack of enthusiasm for their sad candidates.

To put a little hoopla into the situation, here is the delightful Katie Hopkins with her  entertaining take on this momentous week.

Praise not!

Obama’s in trouble for saying a woman is good-looking. You can’t say that these days, and I’m shocked that he didn’t remember.


Political Correctness 101, the basic course taught by manly women in grim cells around the nation, addresses this point on Page 1 of its primer. Women are never pretty.

The victim in question, Kamala Harris, the attorney general of California, is quite a plum, but I can say that.

Obama cannot.

It was a public event, and nervous laughter ensued. The audience, consisting mostly of multicultural Marxists and diversity nuts (i.e. Obama people), well knew that you cannot compliment a woman’s nice appearance.

Obama has apologized, but the damage is done. Saying a woman is attractive is an insult you can never take back.

That the president, a PC prince if there ever was one, committed this faux pas is disturbing. Has his power gone to his head? Is his inner man awakening? Will he be caught in the Lincoln Bedroom with someone other than Lincoln?

And other than Michelle?

* * * *

(Note 1: You can read the sorry details here.)

(Note 2: That’s Kamala Harris in the photo, of course. Interestingly, she’s biracial like Obama, which is probably why he lost his mind.)