Nice, green and tidy

I shot this photo today just after Abel the Deadpan Yardman departed. He lives two doors down, and has been our lawn man for a good many years. I forget how many, but a good many.

The shorter plant in the stone circle is an avocado tree (okay, an aspiring tree) that my child bride started with an avocado seed a few years ago. I forget how many. It almost froze dead last winter, so we’ll see how it survives the winter to come.

Directly behind it, abutting the orange wall, is a bougainvillea that I keep under control with clippers. To the right, just before the patio, is a sour orange, good for dropping old oranges that I must scoop up. A long-gone friend gifted me that orange just after we moved here.

Stupidly, I planted it, but it grows slowly.

At left is the base of a fan palm that soars into the heavens, possibly 40 feet. I planted it when it was less than a foot high, thinking it’ll be cute. Now I worry about it falling onto the house some stormy night. Lots of trees hereabouts have collapsed recently in storms.

The area that’s abundant with greenery on the right is half of the Willy-Nilly Zone. The other half is farther to the right, off-camera.

See the whiter area of the sidewalk? That part was repaired about a year ago because it was coming undone after 18 years.

Starting about where the orange tree/bush sits and all the way up to the red wall at the rear will be filled in December with stone and concrete, my latest effort to de-green the yard.

That area is larger than it appears here.

Abel the Deadpan Yardman has been very reliable, but I detect just a small crack in that reliability this year, and I want to have as little grass as possible if he fails me.

He came Saturday mornings for ages, but this year it’s sometimes Saturday, sometimes Sunday, because he has other duties.

And that is worrisome.