Downside of diversity

Parched “civil-rights activists” stealing beer in Ferguson, Missouri.

EXCEPT WHEN left-wing schoolteachers* run amok in Oaxaca, we rarely see this type of thing in Mexico. I attribute this, in large part, due to our not being a multicultural society. We do not embrace diversity.

We are Mexicans and we are 90 percent brown, and it’s always been that way, and that’s how we like it. We  know that a nation is like a family, and a family consists of people who look alike, mostly think alike, share a common language and religion. That’s a family, señores, whether residing in a house or within national borders.

It’s why homes have walls and locks, and nations should too. Most do.

Show me a nation with lots of diversity and multiculturalism, and I will — with very few exceptions — show you a land where strife and bloodletting often reign. Diversity within a nation is a problem to be resolved as intelligently and as kindly as possible. Multiculturalism should never be encouraged and idolized.

The United States encourages it, worships it, and gets bloodied by it on a constant basis.

And it’s getting worse.

* * * *

* Left-wing teachers in Mexico is a redundancy.