Old toilet times

johnTHIS IS THE upstairs john. The walls are ceramic tiles and look like a checkerboard. They are black and white, one of my favorite themes. The john is British racing green, and the seat is wooden.

What is notable here sits on the little table. Two books. One is 501 Spanish Verbs and the other is The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice (For intermediate and advanced learners).

Those two tomes have lived right there in that very spot for 12 years, which is to say since we built and moved into the Hacienda in 2003. Twelve years back, my Spanish needed work. It could still use some but not nearly as much as before. I almost never speak English now.

And I rarely thumb through those books anymore either while I’m, well, you know, sitting there. But there they remain. I’ve had reading material by the johnny most of my life. Unfortunately, nowadays, I have no magazines to put there because I no longer subscribe to magazines.

And I have no book to leave there because all my books are on a Kindle, which does not live in the bathroom. It travels with me.

Times change, but habits are hard to break. So these two Spanish textbooks stay put, and I imagine they will be there on the day I die.