Misinformation queens

COLLECTIVISTS ARE experts at propaganda and misinformation. So here are some facts for you.

queenLet’s look at the term Fat Cat, which is loved by collectivists. Fat Cat is a snide word for a spectacularly successful person. It is successful people who provide jobs, make the economy run, which spreads the good life and opportunity for all.

Some wealthy people are bad. Some are good. Same goes for the middle class and the poor. Some are good people. Some are real sumbitches. Being bad is not a trait cornered by the successful, those Fat Cats.

And we all want to be wealthy, want to be Fat Cats. It is said that money will not bring happiness, but who among us would not jump at the chance to test that theory? I’d love to be rich, and so would you.

By the way, here are the names of some current and former Fat Cats: Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez and Mao Zedong. Wildly wealthy, left-wing Fat Cats, they differ from capitalist Fat Cats in this way: They do not make economies run or spread the good life and opportunity for all. They do precisely the contrary.

Every nation in the world is run by Fat Cats. Capitalist Fat Cats are preferred for freedom and prosperity.

At times, you see statements like Republicans want to eliminate welfare, Medicare, Social Security, etc. This too is incorrect. What they want to do is restructure these things so they will thrive in the long run. They want welfare to go to those who deserve it, not beach surfers. They want disability to go to those actually disabled.

When collectivists say otherwise, they are just pandering to the ignorant, and the ignorant eat it up.

Welfare systems are flying out of control again. They were reined in a lot during the Clinton Administration. Republicans did most of the reining. Thank Newt Gingrich. But now they are running rampant once more. The percentage of people on the dole is soaring, and that is not a good thing, financially or culturally.

You also see claims that no Republican voted for the Civil Rights Act. No Republican voted for Social Security. Not one! These errors are passed around willy-nilly online, and people believe them in spite of their being false.

More pandering to the uninformed and gullible.

It is common to hear (Barry is fond of saying it) that the Republican House is a hotbed of obstructionism, and that’s why nothing ever gets done in Washington nowadays. This is false. Hundreds of bills have passed the House, and they now sit stonewalled on the desk of Harry Reid, a high-ranking collectivist.

You need not look far to see the erroneous claim that Republicans don’t want to pay women as much as men. Most collectivists believe this. It is more than incorrect. It is silly nonsense. Who would not want his wife, his daughter, his mother to earn as much as men?

There was a sizable gap in the past, but that has mostly closed. Not entirely, however, and the small gap that still exists is due primarily to factors like the occupations women choose and that they often elect to work part-time, etc. It is not due to conservative oppression as collectivists want you to believe.

I wish conservatives would improve their propaganda skills. The lefties are far better at it.

* * * *

P.S. There is no War on Women either.

Cusp of books


BOOKS WRITTEN on tree cuttings are a dying breed, but many still embrace them, which amuses me.

Most people go their entire lives without reading a book that wasn’t required in school. Let us pity them. But for those of us who do read, who do know what’s going on in the world, who have active minds, there are now two camps.

Electronic and paper. The future and the past. Modern and old-fashioned. Convenient and, well, less so. Hip versus fuddy-duddy. I, of course, am in the hip category, the future, the modern, the convenient.

For those of us who live in Mexico but read books in English (though I speak Spanish, I never read books in Spanish), electronic books like the Kindle are a blessing because finding works in English can be challenging especially if you live far from Gringo havens like San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic. In those places, they have periodic book sales which, I imagine, amounts to everybody switching books, kind of like musical chairs.

So you better hope that someone who shares your tastes lives nearby. The better option, of course, is the Kindle or something similar where you can get about anything you want out of cyberspace. And trees are not involved.

We have three Kindles here at the Hacienda, but before they arrived (express-mailed separately to our front door in short order, not smuggled, which is the way most folks here get them), we brought books back from the United States during raiding expeditions to Texas. The used-book chain Half Price Books was always on our itinerary in San Antonio.

We have not been in the United States since 2008, making the Kindles even more valuable.

The shelves in the photo are in our living room. The first few years here it was an active location, but now it’s a museum. Nothing has been added there in years, but books look good, makes you look bright and provides a warm, learned atmosphere.

There are photos too. For the curious among us, they are, left to right, me sitting on the rocky shore of a river in the redwoods of Northern California. I am talking to Isabel Allende (House of the Spirits) and her husband, Mickey; the house in the Florida Panhandle where I took life-altering entheogens in 1997; my child bride; my mother who died in 2009; finally, me at the age of 26 on the Georgia farm.

A sharp eye will note the book with the swastika about midway between my mother and my wife. Aha, some will say, I knew all along he was a Nazi. But two books farther to the right show Mao. And between those two sits Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era. The book with the swastika is the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and the book about the Chairman is Mao: The Unknown Story.

That last book, a biography, is particularly interesting because it’s only in the past decade or so that Red China has released information on the dictator to Western biographers. He was not a nice man.

But back to the cusp on which we sit. Like vinyl records and buggy whips, tree books are vanishing, soon to be of interest only to collectors and fuddy-duddies. The modern among us prefer our reads on a screen these days.