THIS VIDEO from my boy Bill Whittle hails from 2011, a blast from the past, but it’s just as applicable today as it was four years back.

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* Yes, it really is a word. See here.


The late poet Kenneth Rexroth coined the phrase Crow-Jimism, which is the concept of Jim Crow flipped inside out.

During the Jim Crow era, blacks were roundly discriminated against in American life, primarily in the Old South. That is the past, and we are now in the nationwide era of Crow-Jimism. Blacks can do no wrong.


Crow-Jimism is the tendency of white Liberals to make special allowances for blacks who are guilty of any offense up to and including violent crimes.

But that is only one element of the Alice in Wonderland universe into which the Western world is collapsing.

Up has become down, orange has become green, and evil has become good. The Cheshire Cat is grinning.

Capitalism, the dynamic economic system that improved comfort and health, is bad. Marxism, the system that never fails to fail, is good.

National pride is bad. Our past is shameful. Our skin tone embarrassing.


Christianity and Judaism are bad. Mohammedanism is good. An increasing number of American states are issuing drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens. National boundaries are bad.

New York City recently put billboards on buses to bring attention to the growing problem of illegitimacy. Planned Parenthood yelled that it stigmatized unwed mothers who are mostly black.

A classic case of Crow-Jimism.

Judgments are not allowed in Alice’s New Wonderland, which exists almost exclusively in the Anglophone world and Western Europe.

Meanwhile, in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, those areas that snigger at multicultural Marxism and the glories of forced diversity, they police their borders, take pride in their religion, language, race and culture, as all self-respecting nations do.

And they smile and wait.

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