Hooray, Texas!


Were I to return to the United States of America, which I will never do, it would be straight to the heart of Texas.

ChristmasTaxes are low. The economy is the best in the nation. (Bulletin to Obama: The two are connected.) And Rick Perry is governor, plus there are lots of sensible, down-to-earth people in the state legislature as this story illustrates.

The governor has signed legislation to protect Christmas and other religious holidays in public schools from legal attacks by atheist thugs.

Perry correctly pointed out that religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion, something the collectivist, joyless, ham-fisted speech police, who abound in America’s effete, elitist neighborhoods, will not grasp.

MenorahSo, in Texas now, you can say Merry Christmas in schools, and nobody can say you cannot. You can also say Happy Hanukkah, Hare Krishna, Praise Allah and any other dang religious thing you wish, and this is how the Goddess wants it.

Let us hope that other states will follow the sage lead of Texas and push back against the tiny minority of sour-faced totalitarians who have grabbed far too much power* in what was once the greatest nation on earth.

“It’s a shame that a bill like this one I’m signing today is even required, but I’m glad we’re standing up for religious freedom in this state.”

— Gov. Rick Perry

* * * *

* Including slipping one of their own into the Oval Office.