100-day plan

TRUMP DELIVERED an excellent speech at Gettysburg today. It should be required listening for all voters, especially those who plan to vote for fringe candidates.

The Donald spells out specific actions he will take immediately on becoming president. They are good actions.

Stuff about sex*

Let us turn our attention to sexual concerns.

1. Californians are turning out in high numbers to sign a petition to repeal the fresh law that allows schoolchildren to choose which potty to use, depending on how they view their sexuality.

(Pause for outrageous laughter. At the law, not the petition.)

Tidbit:  In the Los Angeles school system, a 2011 survey had 0.5 percent of students identifying themselves as “transgender.”

Safely assuming that some students had fun jerking the survey around, that means that all school johns are open to everyone because less than 0.5 percent of pupils want it that way, even though over 99.5 percent do not.

(Pause for eye-rolling.)

Let us wish the petitioners a speedy success.

Some details here.

2. The number of U.S. births being paid for by Medicaid nears 50 percent.

babyYep, Uncle Sam uses your tax dollars to pay for po’ folks’ soaring reproduction. In another few years, that percentage will, no doubt, near Cuban levels and that of the old Soviet system.

Climbing rates of illegitimacy, of course, play a huge role in this. The illegitimacy rate among the black “community” now exceeds a stunning 70 percent.

Ain’t multiculturalism great?

Some details here.

Both Numbers 1 and 2 are brought to you solely by the Democratic Party.

* * * *

* I worked for a spell in the 1980s at the San Antonio Express-News, at that time one of Rupert Murdoch’s borderline Yellow Journalism rags. I fit right in.