Long ago in Mexico

At home in Taretan, Michoacán.

My child bride was born at home in Uruapan, Michoacán, a bit over 60 years ago, but the family quickly moved to a smaller town nearby, a place called Taretan. As some of you know, her father was a doctor, and he delivered her, as he did his entire throng of offspring.

It usually went well. The only time it didn’t was baby No. 5, a delivery that resulted in mama’s death, which surely was very hard on the doctor, but he went on to marry again and have five more children. He was fond of kids, perhaps to a fault.

Today I was looking through photos, and here are three. My child bride is in them all.

A bath in a galvanized tub, a good fit at the time.
That’s her on the right. The other is a sister.

Divergent lives

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Roundabouts 1968

THAT’S MY child bride on the right when she actually was a child. The other is a sister, one of many.

They lived in a small town in the State of Michoacán.

My child bride became a civil engineer and, at the age of 42, married her first husband, a Gringo.

This sister, who is one year older, never married anyone, had four babies from two men, and lived for many years with a worthless drunk who is now dead.

Divergent lives.