A neighborhood view

I circle the neighborhood plaza afoot for 20 minutes every weekday morning except when I’m feeling lazy. It’s half of my two-pronged effort to keep as fit as one can at my advancing age. The second prong is a gym set I have at home, which I actually use, which is more than most people can say honestly.

This photo was taken opposite the plaza, which is to say across one of the four surrounding streets. Normally, I walk directly on the plaza, but on this morning, I was going down the sidewalk outside the surrounding businesses.* I noticed this view, so I paused and took a shot with my phone camera, which I rarely use.

It turned out pretty good.

That’s an agrarian scene on a mural down there. Someone painted it some years ago, and someone else defaced it a bit with watery white paint. Graffiti is rare in our woebegone barrio. The Hacienda is on a main drag, and we’ve been lightly defaced just once in 18 years.

I quickly painted over it, which is what they say you should do.


*”Businesses” is using the term lightly. One might say hilariously.