The road to Zirahuen

Lake Zirahuen in the distance.

IT WAS NOT our intention to take the road to Zirahuen on Sunday, but it ended up that way because our initial destination, a restaurant named The Vagabond Trout, was in that direction. So after eating, we just kept on going toward Zirahuen.

The actual road to Zirahuen.
The entry to Zirahuen.

Zirahuen is famous for three things. 1. Its beautiful lake. 2. Vacation, rental cabins dotting the bucolic woods in the area. 3. The downtown area is colossally butt-ugly.

Mystery thing just out of town.

Due to Zirahuen’s being a butt-ugly town, we drove in and out without getting out of the Honda. And downtown Zirahuen is difficult to navigate due to narrow, potholed streets. As we departed, heading back where we came from, we passed this thing that appears to be a chapel. Looking at the photo later, it occurred to me that it may only be a façade, a hollow church. I did not climb up there.

Things can get weird in Zirahuen.