How far we’ve fallen


THE MORE THIS Kung Flu hysteria drags on, the nuttier it shows itself to be.

But the lunacy has roots far from China.

Western Civilization started coming unraveled a few decades back. It began with the Hippie phenomenon in the 1960s, but it really kicked into gear with the birth of political correctness in the 1980s and its ensuing growth rate which looks a lot like pancreatic cancer’s.

I blame Karl Marx. And ignorance.

It’s difficult to see light between PC and leftism because they are so closely connected. It’s like trying to see light between Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen. Or between Michael Moore and a double-patty cheeseburger with curly fries.

Those of us of advanced age are fortunate. We’re probably going to check out before the entire shebang falls on our heads. And the Visigoths storm the gates. That is my hope.


THIS VIDEO from my boy Bill Whittle hails from 2011, a blast from the past, but it’s just as applicable today as it was four years back.

* * * *

* Yes, it really is a word. See here.

Free speech or not?

ALTHOUGH ISIS initially claimed the two attackers at the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, were their guys, it turned out not to be the case. They were just a couple of independent Mohammedan zealots.

That, however, in no way changes the truth of what Bill Whittle is saying, bless his heart.

June jive

Edging into mid-June, here’s what I see:

The green grass is growing, and it’s received its first cut.

Orchids are blooming on branches of the peach tree.

Calla LilyBright-yellow calla lilies have burst from underground where they lurk in bulbs most of the year.

A big bush in the yard is erupting in white flowers that look like little roses, but they’re not little roses.

The air is cool, damp and encouraging, and I know that at this moment in Houston and New Orleans, where I once lived, the air is hot and oppressive.

* * * *


Time to pound on Obama a bit. It makes my day:

The Ohio Department of Insurance reports that premiums will likely rise 88 percent next year, a direct result of Obamacare. Change you can believe in!

And who says the president does not bring people together?

Both right-winger Glenn Beck and left-winger Michael Moore call NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero.

Snowden is in Hong Kong hiding from Obama’s gun thugs. You can go here to sign a White House petition to pardon Snowden. I sure did.

* * * *

At just before 8 a.m., it looks like it will be another cool, moist, lovely day here on the mountaintop. It’s nice to be unemployed.

* * * *

(Lily art by Tanya Stollzhow.)