‘A fantasy world’

Everyone who’s paying attention these days knows that if you turn on a TV drama or go to the movie theater or open a magazine and see ads that the “couples” and “families” you encounter will be biracial far more often than not.* Does this reflect the real world? No way, José, and everyone knows it.

So why do the people who make movies and TV series and ads of all sorts do this? Because they are young or relatively so, ignorant and embrace political correctness, a mindset devoted to pushing multiculturalism and diversity. And that’s why you see so many interracial families in entertainment and commerce. The people who make that stuff want to train you by repetition to think that it’s normal or can be.

But it’s not, and it cannot be. Blame human nature. All those ads and movies will have minimal effect. Almost everyone will continue to prefer the company of people who look like them. Go to a university cafeteria, where you’d think everyone would be embracing diversity, and you’ll find the black students sitting there, the white students sitting over here, and the Asian students sitting on the other side.

Pushing diversity is boneheaded. Multicultural societies tend toward violence and mayhem. Look at today’s multicultural America, then look at unicultural Mexico.

Case proved.

In the video, the ever-perspicacious Simon Webb looks at the situation in England, which is little different than the U.S. scene these days. Interestingly, Mexican ads and sit-coms rarely, if ever, feature biracial, bogus couples. I doubt you’ll see them anywhere in Asia either. It’s almost exclusively an English-speaking, historically white-nation phenomenon.

By the way, does the couple in the screen shot of the video look even remotely believable? If you say yes, I have a sweet deal of a pyramid scheme for you. Trust me.

*This is virtually unknown in Mexico, which is a unicultural society. We don’t have racial conflicts here. We do have lots of conflicts, but they’re almost never racial.

Crochet and craziness

We have many crucial topics to cover today, from crocheting to transgendering to the praise of diversity (again!) and on to beauty pageants, so let’s hop right into it.

People cope with the Kung Flu nuttiness in various ways. My child bride flipped from pastry sales on the downtown plaza to staying home and crocheting. Above is her latest creation, a unicorn. She taught herself to do this with the help of YouTube.

Never let a pandemic go to waste.

Now let’s address matters being pushed by leftists, those who think it’s great that Sleepy Joe and Hoor Harris occupy the White House and the man who scored five Nobel Peace Prize nominations, who didn’t start wars, who engineered various Mideast Peace Accords, who crushed ISIS, who accomplished U.S. energy independence, who lowered taxes and reduced economically crippling regulations, boosted border security and the military, etc., has been tossed out the White House door.

By fraudulent means.

First, there is the transgender nonsense, the notion that there are endless sexes, and you’re free to pick one. And then you have the right to compete in sports in the gender of your choice with others who were born to that gender, who had Mother Nature do the picking for them. It’s the Democrat Socialist Party that supports this nincompoopery and we conservatives who oppose it, who embrace the “actual science.”

The race clip shown at the start of this brief video says it all. Plus it demonstrates why even many feminists, in spite of their normally cockeyed stances, see the nuttiness of it.

Moving onto one of my favorite topics, one that I’ve embraced for many years. Yes, way back, over a decade ago, when few people were saying it, I was hollering it out loud. Encouraging multiculturalism is disastrous. And here we are today with almost everyone, all organizations, all businesses, all schools, having it written in their mission statements that they are all about diversity and the promotion of it. It’s a given.

Our buddy Simon Webb addresses the issue brilliantly, as usual.

“Diversity is our strength.” Is it really?

Here in Mexico, federal legislators — undoubtedly ugly female ones — have proposed the outlawing of beauty pageants because “it degrades women.” I pray this American nuttiness does not get a foothold here. Mexicans love beauty pageants and their weather girls. And if Mexico cancels beauty pageants, where will narco bosses get their girlfriends?

Have a nice Valentine’s Day. Hug someone you love or someone you just like.

Any port in a storm.

My favorite Limey

Here is Simon Webb again, voicing common sense from Great Britain. His last appearance on The Moon was January 31. At which time, he addressed the Scandinavian embrace of diversity, and the nasty effects of that practice.

Time spent listening to Webb is invariably time well spent.

National suicides

This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. It’s called History Debunked, and it’s run by a British author named Simon Webb. His videos usually run about five minutes. I believe this is just the second time I have posted one of his talks.

Go and subscribe. He is always entertaining and informative.

This one deals with the effects that “embracing diversity” has had on Scandinavian nations. It hasn’t been pretty. I am a staunch foe of encouraging multiculturalism because it usually leads to nasty things. It is a horrible fad embraced only by historically Caucasian cultures, specifically the clueless, violent, leftist element in those cultures.

Tragically, this element recently seized the White House.

You won’t find the fad in Ecuador, Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, etc., because political correctness has no foothold in those places. These sorts of nations have a strong sense of themselves, which is what keeps a nation intact.