Free speech or not?

ALTHOUGH ISIS initially claimed the two attackers at the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, were their guys, it turned out not to be the case. They were just a couple of independent Mohammedan zealots.

That, however, in no way changes the truth of what Bill Whittle is saying, bless his heart.

Faculty of felons!

As Dave Barry famously says: I’m not making this up.

But first, let me repeat that the seed of America’s ongoing implosion was planted in the 1960s, as any sentient citizen now knows.

The seed germinated — and grew tall and gangly.

social workWhile many of that (my) generation simply stayed stoned, others fancied themselves revolutionaries and turned to violence and murder. And many spent decades in the Big House.

Well, they’ve been sprung, and they’ve flocked to high-falutin’ Columbia University to teach social work!

A major goal of this “social work” program is doing something about the problem of “mass incarceration,” which you can bet means they think too many “people of color” are in prison, primarily innocent victims of racism.

This is a textbook case of Crow Jimism.

But back to the main issue: This ivy-league institution in New York City, a historic pillar of American higher education, knowingly has installed a gang of murderers, robbers and bombers on the faculty!

Again, I am not making this up! The mind reels.

The grim details are here.

* * * *

(Note: I was tempted to mention that radical-infested Columbia University is one of Obama’s alma maters where he, I’m guessing, got in via affirmative action due to the biracial president’s being “black.” He is, of course, black kinda like Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee, and I’m a Mexican.

(But I’ve been ragging on Barack a lot lately, and being a Fair and Balanced fellow, I decided not to mention him here in any fashion whatsoever.)