The Huichol


THIS FELLOW IS a Huichol Indian, but I guess Indian has fallen out of fashion. Even I know he’s not an Indian, so let’s label him an indigenous Huichol.

Huicholes collect in a number of Mexican zones, but the State of Nayarit seems to be their favorite.

Lots of beads.

The men favor white attire, much like the Maya, but the women dress like rainbows. They are famous for their bead art, most of which looks psychedelic. Huicholes clearly are no strangers to tripping the light fantastic.

This fellow and his wife come to town every year for The Day of the Dead hoopla. They peddle their wares on the sidewalk. Their art sells for far less here on the sidewalk than it does in hoity-toity galleries up north.

I photographed this same fellow a couple of years ago. He was sporting better headgear back then.

As I mentioned in the previous post, a canvas roof on metal poles is being constructed around our main plaza. It was almost done Friday, and a few of the artesanía people were installing their wares. Most, however, had not arrived.

That will happen this weekend.

Walking around the plaza, I paused to shoot this brief video. A jazz band was playing on a stage.