The hysteria

WILL THE gory head of Trump, so grotesquely exhibited by Kathy Griffin, and the blowback it created, spell the end of the Democrats’ hysteria over losing the election?

Not Trump

Don’t bet the farm. Will it reduce it a bit?

Let us hope so.

My child bride occasionally views U.S. news, and she asks me what’s going on up there.

And I always tell her the truth, that the Hillary-and-Bernie people are toddlers on the floor, kicking arms and legs, and screaming bloody murder. Seven months now.


They didn’t get their way. They want that Snickers! But there’s another way to see the situation.

It’s the theater in which Americans sit or, more specifically, which of the two screens in that theater they are watching.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, writes a blog that often touches on the political scene. He maintains that Americans are watching two different movies.

One side side of the theater is the movie of President Trump making America Great Again and giving the endless raspberry to insufferable coastal elites.  Much of the audience, likely most, is watching that blockbuster film.

But on the other side of the theater is the horror flick depicting the Mongol hordes that have invaded the White House. That’s the movie New Yorkers are watching, plus folks in Washington DC, Seattle, California and much of Oregon.

It’s the movie Hollywood is watching, and it’s the movie shown repeatedly on 99 percent of university campuses.

When Weepy Barry was re-elected in 2012, I was flabbergasted. And so were almost all conservatives. We thought we had the election in the bag, but we did not.

We were severely disappointed, but we did not take to the streets. We did not burn cars. We did not photograph ourselves with bloody heads of Obama. Didn’t even occur to us.

We accepted the loss with grace. Well, most did.

America has been subjected now to seven months of nonstop screaming, bawling, death threats and rioting by Democrats. Enough! Perhaps Kathy Griffin’s grotesque stunt that horrified many Democrats too will inspire a calming on the left.

Let us hope so. It’s quite important.


You’ll get another chance in four years. But skip geriatric socialists and charmless wives of ex-presidents. Be imaginative! Nominate Al Franken or Pocahontas. We would love that.

Meanwhile, grow up. Get off the floor. You look absolutely ridiculous because you are.

Waffles & snowflakes


WE’RE A HEALTH-conscious couple, and we watch what we eat. It’s partly why we are so slim and beautiful.

Although we love waffles, we rarely eat them because they are not healthy. However, special occasions call for celebration, and we decided Wednesday morning to breakfast on waffles, a Trump fiesta with Canadian maple syrup.

However, just as my child bride was about to turn on the blender and waffle iron, the electricity went out, and it stayed out for an hour due to work in the street.

So we ate the usual cereal, but with a grin. At least I was grinning. My lovely companion still is uncertain about Trump, being Mexican and listening to Mexican news sources, which are just as left-wing as CNN and MSNBC.

There is no Mexican version of Fox or Breitbart.

However, she’s as conservative as I am, and she knows that I always know best, so she’s coming around, slowly.

Mexico has focused entirely on Trump’s border wall and his sometimes ill-phrased statements about Mexicans.

They know nothing about other U.S. issues like tax cuts, veterans’ matters,  federal debt, entitlements, BLM, Islamic terrorism, Mohammedan “refugees,” safe spaces,  PC lunacy, Common Core, joblessness and so on.

Alas, to Mexicans, it’s all about them and their God-given right to sneak across the border whenever they feel like it.

Our waffle extravaganza was delayed one day, but not canceled. We waffled our hearts out yesterday instead.

Like election night, it was very tasty.

* * * *

01_snowflake_1Left-wing snowflakes are in a state of hysteria and meltdown. Here are some hilarious examples:

  1. A guy named Jerry Kang, who is UCLA’s vice chancellor for “equity, diversity and inclusion,” held an event last night to process the shocking election results.
  2. At Cornell University, a “cry-in” was held on the Quad. “I’m quite terrified, honestly,” one snowflake opined.
  3. Thousands of poor losers blocked the entrance to Trump Tower in Chicago. They said they are against fascism, racism and war. Where this stuff is breaking out in the wake of the election is not clear.
  4. Snowflake high school students and teachers, about 1,500 of them,  staged a walkout Wednesday in California to protest Trump’s fair-and-square election victory. They’re just not gonna take it, you hear?
  5. In New York, thousands of leftists took to the streets howling obscenities about Trump’s victory, “rape culture,” racism and all that silly razzmatazz.

I remember the day following the shocking (to conservatives) re-election in 2012 of Weepy Barry.

We were gobsmacked!

But did we stage cry-ins? Did we block entrances to buildings? Did Republican ghetto-dwellers riot in the streets, as happened in Oakland after the Trump victory?

Of course not. We just hoped for a better day.

And here it is!

Who’s the vulgarian?


DEFINITION OF vulgar, says

Ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste.

Another online source,

Deficient in taste, consideration or refinement.

Donald Trump is often accused of vulgarity. It’s a charge, I think, that springs primarily from his campaign reference to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, which decidedly was not The Donald’s finest hour.

But the charge of vulgarity rests on other things. He spouts politically incorrect phrases — I salute him for that — and his current politics run counter to the Democrat Party’s.

On Trump’s worst days, he would not be welcome at Miss Manners’ soirees. On his best days, he’d fit right in.

Let’s take a look now at how President Barack Hussein Obama — or Weepy Barry, as I always prefer to call him — measures on the same vulgarity scale.

Weepy Barry was expected to heal racial divisions before he took office. What he has done is exacerbate them.

Take the Trayvon Martin case. Weepy Barry opined that Trayvon could have been his son, a very inappropriate statement that lacked good breeding and taste.

In spite of Olympian efforts by locals and feds, they couldn’t convict George Zimmerman because Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self-defense as both witnesses and Zimmerman’s bloodied body indicated beyond any doubt.

Weepy Barry’s siding with Trayvon was vulgar because it was “deficient in good breeding and taste.”

It was also colossally un-presidential.

On the international stage, Israel has been America’s best ally in the Middle East for decades, which all presidents have acknowledged and embraced. Until Weepy Barry.

Israel is the eternally troubled area’s only free society. I and others define free society as one that embraces tolerance. Israel represses neither women nor other religions.

Weepy Barry’s turning his back to Israel is vulgar because it is “deficient in taste and consideration.” Flipping the finger to an old and faithful friend is extremely vulgar.

Weepy Barry skipped the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, which showed a “lack of good breeding.”

That Weepy Barry visits Mohammedan mosques while refusing to utter the phrase “Muslim terror” is something lacking in “taste, consideration and refinement.”

Vulgarity comes in all shapes and sizes.

If Trump replaces Weepy Barry in the Oval Office, we’ll simply swap a mulatto vulgarian from Chicago with a blond vulgarian from New York City.

Or if Hillary wins, a blonde vulgarian from Chicago. Yes, Chicago, not Arkansas.

American Looney Tunes

ducksLET’S KICK OFF 2014 with a look at nuttiness in the United States. The well is deep, wide and murky, full of salamanders and creepy-crawleys.

First, there’s a reality show — wildly popular, I hear — called Duck Dynasty. It’s about a family of rednecks in Louisiana, my old state. The guys have long beards and often look like they need to wash their faces.

But that’s so the ducks won’t see them, one supposes. These guys shoot ducks. Now while they look like a band of yahoos, they also are millionaires. Sharp rednecks.

Christians too, they claim. Recently, one of these bearded guys, an older one, said unkind things about gay folks. I believe bestiality was uttered in the same sentence. Ouch!

The elitist, collectivist media went nuts, plus some gay group that you’re required to listen to. The old redneck was fired from the show, but then he was hired again. Remember these guys are millionaires, and money talks. Plus, the show is wildly popular.

More popular than the “gay community,” it seems.

I know gay guys, and I have known folks like these duck hunters. There are good and bad people in both camps. But in this dust-up, I’m on the side of the duck hunters because I believe one must be allowed to speak one’s opinion if it’s done without cussin’.

Diversity rules!

* * * *

crackersA sideshow to the above conflict debuted when the restaurant chain called Cracker Barrel pulled Duck Dynasty gear off their shelves.

That was really dumb.

Cracker Barrel’s customer base is precisely the kind of folks who would share the values of the duck hunters. So what the restaurant chain did was — totally on its own; nobody had protested — take a shotgun off the wall, slide in a shell, and shoot itself in the foot. And pen a press release so we’d know.

Kinda funny, actually. And pathetic at the same time.

Why did they drag themselves into this conflict? It is a lovely illustration of how the political correctness legions have bludgeoned everyone into believing any group labeled “a minority” must be genuflected to without hesitation.

Cracker Barrel believed it was launching a preemptive strike, protecting itself. But it had to sew its foot back on and issue an apology. I loved that.

* * * *

PagliaMy favorite lesbian in this world is Camille Paglia who has recently been getting fresh exposure.

Camille is an anomaly, a Democrat who makes sense, one who not only does not parrot the politically correct line, but opposes it.

Paglia makes a great argument for the fact that radical feminism is destroying America by turning its men into pantywaists and wusses.

Link 1, The Wall Street Journal.

Link 2, Salon, the pinko website.

Oddly, Paglia voted for Obama, leaving me puzzled. She’s not perfect.

* * * *

sheepWhile the collectivists went bonkers over the duck guy’s unkind remarks about homosexuality, they did not hesitate a moment to mock Mitt Romney’s black grandchild whom they called a “black sheep.”

Sure, the collectivist neighborhoods idolize black folks, put them on pedestals, but only if they are in families that vote Democrat.

If you missed it, go here. The low-rated MSNBC, of course. Bad people.

The folks in question, primarily the show’s silly host, Melissa Harris-Perry, attempted to apologize later, but good folks will reject that bogus apology.

Isn’t Harris-Perry the same woman who said Santa Claus should be a penguin? So not to offend black people? I could be wrong on that, but somebody said it.

* * * *

slaveryNew York City’s new mayor, the collectivist Bill De Blasio, was sworn in yesterday, a move the city will live to regret. Think Detroit.

De Blasio voluntarily honeymooned in the communist dictatorship of Cuba. The whole world out there, and he honeymoons in Cuba.

A black pastor, Fred Lucas, whom De Blasio picked to deliver the obligatory spiritual words chose slavery as his theme. He repeated words like plantation, repression, emancipation, captives, bondage, shackles and masters, ad nauseam.

Time to move on, pastor. Think Oprah and Obama.

Then he asked to be freed “from political correctness.” (Put howling laugh track here.)

The tone of the event is illustrated beautifully by a fellow standing behind Lucas, sporting an African-style beanie as if he’s at a coronation in Benin or Botswana.

Multiculturalism. Ain’t it grand?

American nuttiness knows no limits these days. It’s great to live in Mexico.