Swedish sickness

SWEDEN HAS long been cited by collectivists as the perfectly functioning social democracy where free healthcare, free this-and-that, exist in a nation where everyone is happy. Overlook those killer taxes.

seIt’s my loony, lefty sister’s ideal nation* and it’s been praised in comments hereabouts too. Yes, Sweden does it right.

Travelling hand-in-hand with social democracy these days are other notions like open borders, diversity and multiculturalism. These latter stances are add-ons to the older philosophy of social democracy.

None of it works well, to state it mildly.

Multiculturalism is flushing Sweden down the johnny hole. Let’s take a break to watch this smart Swedish journalist expounding on the dismal state of her once-nice homeland:

The multicultural issue in Sweden, as it is in most of socially democratic Europe, is primarily Mohammedan, a dismal, backward, violent religion/culture that harbors no desire to integrate with others while simultaneously embracing Europe’s generous welfare systems.

Just this week, immigrant violence involving grenades in the Swedish city of Malmö has led to a huge increase in police presence.

A persistent claim in collectivist circles is that all cultures have value and are equal. This is arrant nonsense. Some are far superior to others. Related is the fact that a nation is a geographical area where citizens for the most part share religion, language, beliefs and skin tone.

Successful nations are homogeneous, not multicultural.

Oh, you can toss in a little salt with the pepper or vice versa, but only up to a point. My being in Mexico is an example. Passing that point, all Hades can break out, and Hades is alive and thriving in Sweden, sadly.

Two years ago, I wrote of similar problems in Nutty Norway.

For your further edification, here is a bonus video:

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* Her second-best place is Oakland, California.

Nutty Norway

Viking vessel
The Norwegian navy on patrol

Nobody thinks about Norway much. Both London and New York harbor more people each than all of Norway.

We think of Norway, when we think of it at all, which ain’t much, as being another of those peripheral places, kinda like Canada, where nice people live and mind their own business, relying on more robust nations for protection.

Imagine my shock on learning that creepy little Norway is a hotbed of political correctness, speech police and oppression of opinion.

Who told me this? Bruce Bawer via his engaging book The New Quislings. Vidkun Quisling, you may recall, led the Nazi puppet government of Norway during World War II, and his name has become a synonym for traitor.

The focus of Bawer’s book is the 2011 rampage of a lunatic named Anders Behring Breivik who bombed government buildings in Oslo, killing eight, but that was just a diversion. He then went to a political indoctrination camp* full of adolescents on a Norwegian island where he shot 69 people dead.

If only someone else had been armed.

Like many maniacs, Breivik wrote a manifesto. Breivik’s version reveals his numerous motives. He is angry at political correctness, feminism, and lax immigration laws that welcome Mohammedans, who often go directly on welfare.

He is angry at lots of things, mostly the left-wing mindset.

The manifesto makes it quite clear that Breivik’s motivation was extreme nationalism. He was channeling his inner Viking.

The manifesto reveals, among many things, that, though Breivik was not even a church-goer, he admires the Christian tradition that has bolstered his culture for centuries. He correctly views the Mohammedan mind as oppressive.

Norwegian flagThe Mohammedan-embracing, multiculture-huckstering, diversity-loving, leftist Norwegian media grabbed this detail and labeled Breivik a Christian extremist though that wasn’t his motivation.

This false notion caught on rapidly and spread.

Breivik has been convicted and sent to prison. Given Norway’s soft-headed laws, it is conceivable, though unlikely, that he could be released one day.

The biggest blowback of Breivik’s rampage, and certainly not what he intended, is that it’s now even more verboten in Norway to criticize the increasing Mohammedan presence or to speak badly of Mohammedans in any fashion.

Norway’s politically correct culture has made them a protected species. “Sensitivity” now reigns more than ever.

Meanwhile, Mohammedans hunker down in their neighborhoods, uninterested in assimilation and loathing the culture of the Norwegians who love them.

This phenomenon is growing in other parts of Europe. The Scandinavians seem especially susceptible to this nuttiness.

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* The youth indoctrination camps of Norway’s ruling Labor Party are not so unlike those run by Soviets and Nazis in their heydays.

(Note: Bruce Bawer moved from New York to Norway in the late 1990s. He has written a number of books on similar topics. A good one is While Europe Slept. Being gay, Bawer is understandably concerned about the widespread Mohammedan feeling that homosexuals should be executed.)