New school days

* * * *

And here are the Old School Days, silly but fun:

Playing offense

A READER recently emailed that I had written something “offensive.” I smiled and tsk-tsked to myself. But I was not surprised because I knew her to be a member of the Left.

Folks getting “offended” is epidemic and has been for a few decades now. Of course, getting offended is nothing new, but what is new is how it is used these days and how often. And it is used almost exclusively by Collectivists, the PC people.

It is the milder form of calling you a racist, sexist, etc., those words tossed out when an unacceptable opinion is heard. Conservatives know that being offended — used in the traditional sense — is part of the human experience.

DuelingMostly, you shrug it off. If it’s grave enough, a punch in the nose might follow. In the old days, a duel beneath the mossy oaks.

But conservatives don’t get offended often because we are not thin-skinned. We don’t doubt ourselves. Collectivists are hyper-sensitive, and their shrieking is how they attempt to suppress unacceptable opinions, and it often is successful, sadly.

Pay attention. The next time you hear someone mention they are offended or that something is offensive, it will be a left-winger saying it, 99 times out of 100.

If they had to face a duel, 99.9 percent would quit saying it immediately.