Return to normal?

For months and months, access to our lovely plaza has been shut down by the municipal government for no good reason that I know of. Now and then, we’d be teased and it would open for a day or two, but then it would slam shut again. This was a Kung Flu measure, of course. I doubt anyone avoided the virus due to having to walk just outside the plaza instead of down the nice sidewalk.

Last Saturday we found it open when we drove downtown for my child bride’s resurrected weekly pastry sale. It seems to have been open ever since — I was there yesterday — which makes sense because the pandemic is, for all practical purposes, over.

But the Dancing Bears continue to wear useless facemasks, though I detect it may be a hair less common.

The two women passing near the end of the video are my child bride, in the black shirt, and her sister. Feel free to think of them as Mutt and Jeff. The two actual mutts following them belong to the sister. We don’t do dogs. But some dogs are nice.

My sister-in-law, a Dancing Bear, has a facemask dutifully and uselessly draped under her chin. My wife does not, but she does dance a mean salsa.

I was sitting on a concrete bench enjoying a lemon ice when I shot this video. I also took the following photos just for the heck of it because it was a lovely day. I framed them in wood for you. May the plaza remain open from now on. I pray so.

Same direction as the video.
And then the other direction.

… had a little lamb

Where’s Mary, er, Maria, said the little Mexican lamb.

As the Plague Year lumbers on, my child bride continues her new art of crochet, and here is her latest piece because I know you’ve been on the edge of your chair … anticipating. But how much longer will this be her focus? Now that both of us have received the Kung Flu vaccine, she’ll likely resurrect her pastry business in a month, which is the waiting time for the vaccine’s full effect to kick in.

The white area of the lamb is actual wool.

The knitted lion

That could be the name of a British pub, The Knitted Lion. It isn’t, one imagines, but it could be. It would sound quite right and good.

My child bride is a high-energy woman, which balances our relationship very nicely since I am a low-energy man and always have been. I enjoy relaxing. She doesn’t know how. Hand her a cup of coffee, for instance, on a summer afternoon. Does she sip and talk? No, she chugs it like a Hells Angel with a Heineken.

Since the Kung Flu descended upon us, she’s temporarily retired her pastry business, the one in which she baked goodies and sold them on the downtown plaza out of a wicker basket on Saturday afternoons. Been almost a year now since that happened. Her income vanished, so we had to increase her monthly allowance to even things out.

But you can’t keep a hyperactive woman down for long. She found knitting, or maybe it’s crochet. I don’t know, don’t care. The last few months, she’s knitted sweaters for me and herself, but just recently she discovered these little animals.

She’s finished two so far, a bear and a lion. We see similar stuff being sold online for 500 or 600 pesos, for Pete’s sake. I wonder if anyone pays that? No matter. It keeps her busy, giving me ample time to do what I do best, which is pretty much nothing.

Or maybe it’s time to open the Knitted Lion Cantina. We could serve both Corona and Guinness Stout. I love Guinness Stout. It’s very relaxing.

Pluses of the plague

500px-Plus_symbol.svgALL IS NOT bad in these days of the plague. There are pluses.


  1. We’re spending less money. Yes, staying at home means not going out to eat, something we usually do a lot, but rarely now. So, more cash in the bank.
  2. No more roadblocks on the highway between here and the capital city. There is a teachers college* in a small burg between here and there, and the students — radical, ignorant nincompoops one and all — regularly put roadblocks on the highway to solicit money to further the Revolution. I never give them a peso. But the CCP Virus has chased them away. Ha! Irony.
  3. Lower gasoline prices. Apparently, this has squat to do with the plague, but it happened almost simultaneously, so it seems connected. Gas prices in Mexico have plunged from about 20 pesos a liter to 14, a sizable savings. I think we can thank the Russkies and the Mohammedans for this.
  4. More together time with my child bride and her with me. This is mostly a plus, but we are getting on one another’s nerves now and then. In our 18 years we’ve never been together so often. She is cute, however.
  5. More posts on The Unseen Moon. This is a plus more for you than for me, but it’s a plus for me too in that it gives me something to do aside from watch YouTube videos and read books on my Kindle. I  also garden now and then. Weeds.
  6. A cleaner house. We have no domestics aside from Abel the Deadpan Yardman, but that’s just the yard. Inside the house, milady is the Queen of Cleaning. It’s not her best talent, but she does a decent job when she finds time free from her pastry business, which is kaput for now. So housecleaning is getting more attention. I do some too. I am very un-Mexican in that regard. Pass the broom.
  7. I’ve ceased to shave.

* * * *

* These are called “Normal” schools, but there’s nothing normal about them. It’s a chain of “teacher colleges” around the country, which has existed for decades. In reality, they are communist training camps replete with murals of Ché, which explains the radicalism of teacher unions in Mexico and also the appallingly low education level. Sad.