The speakeasy

View the bad guys get

JENNIFER ROSE  wrote a post late last year about security on her Red Shoes are Better than Bacon  blog, and it scared the bejesus out of me.

Up until that moment, we had opened the steel door in the front gate with a carefree air whenever someone rang the doorbell. DHL delivery, potting soil for sale, Jehovah’s Witnesses, it didn’t matter. The door opened.

But Jennifer made us wise, and we decided to take precautions. We had a peephole installed, just like you see in movies about bootleg speakeasies and African dictatorships.

I had been planning to do this for years, but had not gotten around to it. So I went to a blacksmith and ordered a peephole. It was installed within a week, and the final price was the peso equivalent of about 15 bucks. Not a pricy peephole.

We waited … and waited. Finally, the doorbell rang — in broad daylight, demonstrating the audacity of the criminal crowd. I cockily popped open the peephole.

It was the potting soil vendor.

Other side
View from inside