The blessings of Trump

I BRING THIS to you as a public service.

If you’re already a Trump fan, it will just reinforce your wise choice. If you’re not, then it will just twist your knickers! So this video is dual-purpose.


The abortion thing

Health care? No. Abortion? Yes.

LET’S TALK about abortion.

I’m a fence-straddler on this contentious topic. Not being a Christian, I have no religious issue with it. Like many people, abortion has been a part of my life.

My first wife got pregnant unexpectedly. It was before we married. We were young and shocked. Rather quickly she found an abortion doctor. This was before Roe versus Wade.

It was illegal.

I, however, was troubled and nixed it.

We married, and my life sailed in a direction it would have not sailed otherwise. I still feel the effects.

An unexpected pregnancy for young people is like a 10-ton boulder rolling down the mountain straight at you.

You can dodge it with an abortion. Or you can stand still, wide-eyed, and see what happens.

I support abortion rights when done early, and the fetus is just a nub. Where it gets troubling is when it’s done later and the fetus is a formed child.

Early, yes. Late, no. If you drag your feet making a decision, tough luck. Be decisive.

There’s lots of hubbub about Planned Parenthood, which is an abortion provider, and nothing more. Its supporters say it’s about women’s health. That’s baloney.

A reporter recently phoned Planned Parenthood facilities in various states to ask what prenatal services were provided. The answers were all the same. No prenatal services offered.

Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill, period. And given the strong emotions on the subject in many quarters, it should not be receiving taxpayer money.

Let the customers pay.

If you get pregnant unexpectedly, decide what you want to do with no dilly-dallying, and make an appointment with a doctor who provides the service. It’s legal.

Don’t wait five months and do it. It’s grisly.

Numerous undercover investigations have been done into Planned Parenthood, and what’s been discovered is quite disturbing. You’ll never see these reports in the socialist media like Huffpost, Mother Jones and The New York Times.

Abortion should stay legal for early stage. Illegal in the late stage.* To outlaw it altogether will just return us to the days of blood-soaked butchery in back alleys.

Outlawing all abortions is like outlawing drug use. It just creates worse problems. Use common sense.

* * * *

* Being an anti-government guy, I find even this troubling.

(Note: Later in my first marriage, we had another child, another accident. Ian Lee was born prematurely and with two club feet. He died three days later. After that, I got a vasectomy. I was 24 and out of the procreation game. My daughter recently turned 51 and lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband. She is thick as thieves with her mother and has little to do with me. Irony.)

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

(If you tend toward attacks of the vapors, best not watch the video. Really.)

BUT IF YOU’RE made of harder stuff and possess a streak of adventure, let’s move on. Grab your fur-lined handcuffs, leather hood and straps.

This video with a chirpy little coed aims to make you feel all right about sadism, masochism and bondage. Her Valley Girl manner of speech is like fingernails across a blackboard.

I have no problem with BDSM, as it is known to the cognoscenti, because I have no problem with whatever consenting adults do to one another under the covers … or hanging from a roof beam … or trussed over a barrel and gagged.

What is appalling about this video, and it’s one of a series, is its connection to Planned Parenthood, which receives annually over $500 million in government grants. Your tax money at work, amigos. Did anybody ask if that’s okay with you?

I always thought Planned Parenthood dedicated itself to birth-control advice and — if that advice was not followed — offering safe abortions. Well, safe for mama.

But no. They also teach how to use fur-lined handcuffs.

Why do you need instructions for that? Just snap them closed around each of your victim’s partner’s wrists. Start spanking or grab a whip. It’s easy.

* * * *

(Note: For more information brought to you by Planned Parenthood, and to hear more screeching from that girl, Laci Green, don’t miss A Naked Notion.)