The face of multiculturalism

Praise of multiculturalism is a subset of the political-correctness phenomenon in which we’ve lived for the past few decades in the historically Caucasian zones of the globe. Scarcely anyone today dares to call it into question. Do so at your peril.

Any school, business, government or formal organization worth its salt now includes in its mission statement its firm devotion to diversity, which is another word for multiculturalism, though “diversity” tends to focus a bit more on race than culture alone.

I have, for many years, pointed out that history clearly shows that promoting multiculturalism almost invariably leads to mayhem and murder. Multiculturalism is a problem to be addressed, not something to be encouraged. At least, if you know what is good for you.

Promoting diversity goes hand in hand with ignorance of history.

I have found a partner in my yearslong dedication to criticizing the promotion of multiculturalism: the brilliant British historian Simon Webb, he of the glorious mustache.

In the video he runs through some textbook examples over the past century in which multiculturalism went tragically wrong. I offer this to you as an educational service. Pass it along.

Discrimination is a good thing

Many corporations above the border and elsewhere are drawing attention to themselves, and not in a good way, for knuckling under to leftwing nonsense. Southwest Airlines was one when just recently it said unvaccinated employees would be fired.

And then Delta Airlines, to its credit, said it would not buckle under to the same White House diktat. When that happened, Southwest had a change of heart. Delta was always one of my favorite carriers, back when I went to airports.

And then there are corporations that sincerely promote leftist imbecility. One is AirBnB, which is headquartered in … drum roll, please … San Francisco, California!

Our Downtown Casita is listed on AirBnB. I’ve tried to switch to other services, such as VRBO, but it’s stunningly complicated and demanding. AirBnB is far easier, so I stick with it.

AirBnB embraces political correctness and woke-ness with a vengeance. Here are two laughable, imbecilic examples. For the hosts — people who offer their properties — we used to get photos of those requesting reservations. And as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Lots of truth in that.

No way.

I like to see who wants to stay in our Downtown Casita, what they look like. If the person resembles either Manson, Charles or Marilyn, I will refuse the reservation based totally on appearance, and I see nothing wrong with that. I have refused one request due to the photo of the fellow requesting it. Just one time.

Well, that’s out the window. A couple of years ago, AirBnB made it impossible for hosts to see what the guest looks like before accepting the reservation. This is, of course, to block discrimination!

In truth, it’s discrimination against the hosts.

But I favor discrimination. Being a discriminating person once was a compliment, and I still view it so. I bitched about this new rule to AirBnb, but it accomplished nothing, of course.


No Gringos!

We have tenants coming this weekend for two weeks, the first rental in about two years, mostly due to the pandemic. It’s a nice-looking couple in their early 60s who live in Dallas. I got to see them after accepting the reservation. Yesterday, we were exchanging information via AirBnB’s messaging, and I used the word Gringo.

Oh, dear me!

Before sending my message to the tenant, I received a pop-up from AirBnB advising me that Gringo was “offensive”! But I was given the option of sending the message anyway, which I did.

Let us look at this word Gringo. All Mexicans use it when referring to Americans. The only time they don’t is when there’s a Gringo they do not know who’s within earshot. And almost all Gringos who live in Mexico use the word too. Maybe some leftist PC dimwits don’t, and we have quite a few of them down here, sadly.

There is nothing wrong with the word, and almost 100% of our rentals over the past decade have been to Gringos. My child bride prefers them. She has more trust in Gringos than in her own paisanos.

She is a discriminating woman, which is why she married me.

Black history month

A black Indian girl. Who knew?

It’s Black History Month in the United Kingdom, but not in the United States and Canada where Black History Month is February, so black history is celebrated not once but twice! How wonderful!

Intelligent people wonder, however, why there is no White History Month, a Brown History Month or an Asian History Month. Where’s the equality, the diversity, the fairness?

It’s because blacks were slaves, you dunce, and merit special attention. But wait! All races have been slaves and all points of the globe have been involved in slavery, up to this very day.

The brilliant Simon Webb, who is an Englishman, has been “celebrating” black history this month with a long series of his perceptive videos regarding the topic.

Here he addresses the current state of descendants of black slaves who were shipped to India. The cutie in the video is one of them. Is Black History Month celebrated in India? Do Indian blacks want reparation cash? Are they disgruntled? Is there an Indian branch of BLM?

None of the above.

They are simply living their lives as other Indians do.

“White Europeans and Americans must somehow be encouraging the victim mentality.”

— Simon Webb

Behold the president

I rarely read leftist propaganda like The New York Times or The Washington Post, and I do not watch CNN or MSNBC, but I’ll venture a guess that you don’t see the gaffs of Sleepy Joe on those outlets.

I do watch Sky News Australia, however, and it never fails to entertain and inform. Here’s a sweet snippet for you concerning the babbling Sleepy Joe. Note to Democrat/Socialist voters, well, you did get rid of Donald Trump. Great work!


And behold the Vice President too!

As Sky News Australia’s wonderful Rita Panahi would say: Good Lord!