“Free world’s in a mess”

One can always count on Sky News Australia to speak wisely and directly. Here Alan Jones correctly says that a presidential resignation must happen soon. And the main problem with that is Kamala Harris waiting in the wings, a woman who was dropped from the Democrat presidential primaries early on because no one liked her. With reason.

We have entered the Twilight Zone, and the mainstream media, CNN, The New York Times*, The Washington Post, etc., are hiding this from their clueless readers.

* The New York Times recently ran a front-page piece comparing Biden to FDR!

The power of words

One would be hard-pressed to find a better example of leftist skullduggery and conservative naiveté than what has been done with the words “liberal” and “progressive.”

Among the quotes you’ll find elsewhere on this website — the right side if you’re using a PC — is this from Dennis Prager:

The usurpation of the word “liberal” by the left has been a catastrophe.

In spite of what you may read or hear elsewhere, there is only one sort of liberal, the classical variety. Liberals believe in freedom of speech, capitalism, nation-states, etc., traits not embraced by leftists. Quite the contrary.

I’ve had people tell me that liberalism used to mean one thing, but now it’s another. That is not true. What we have now are leftists wrapping the cloak of “liberalism,” the word, around their shoulders. Think wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Being” liberal” sounds sweet. Almost everyone wants to think of themselves as liberal because the opposite would be tight-minded, a nasty individual, and who wants to be seen that way? We all want to be liberal, right? And progressive! Who’s not for progress?

I am. You are.

So leftists have stolen and embraced these adjectives as their own, which makes perfect sense. What makes no sense whatsoever is that conservatives, nincompoops as we so often are, go along with the wordplay, the fraud, the theft.

In this six-minute video, Prager illustrates the stark differences between leftists and liberals. Do you call Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris liberals? If so, stop it right now. Sleepy Joe doesn’t know what he is. He reads his script, written by leftists. Not liberals.

JFK and FDR were liberals. Today, they’d be tarred and feathered by the Democrat Party.

Off the proverbial charts

Photo from The New York Times, making absurd comparisons.

I occasionally skim the websites of The New York Times and The Washington Post out of curiosity and to gauge the high levels of nincompoopery you encounter there.

At the very top of The Post‘s page today we are told “Domestic terror incidents surge, led by white supremacists and far right.” This conclusion, we’re informed, comes from “an analysis” done by — wait for it — The Washington Post itself! This is arrant nonsense, and one wonders if The Post knows of the ongoing Antifa riots? Over the weekend, for instance, Antifa torched a Portland federal building with immigration agents trapped inside.

There was zero mention of that by either The Post or The Times. Not a peep.

Let’s turn now to what inspired me to write what I am now writing. It may be the most hilariously outrageous leftist delusional nonsense of the year. Right there on The New York Times website, giving new meaning to the word chutzpah, is a piece headlined: Can Biden Be Our FDR? I swear you cannot make this stuff up.

High and dry

High at over 7,000 feet above sea level, which is permanent, and dry because it’s Springtime, the most miserable season of the year. When one says Springtime above the border one thinks of lovely days, romance, the occasional shower and flowers, perhaps the end of snow. When one says Springtime where I live, we think dust and heat.

And no A-C.

Easter Week (Semana Santa) starts soon, April 4. (Correction: Actually, it starts March 28.) It normally rivals the Day of the Dead for tourists and traffic in these parts but, like the Day of the Dead last November, most of the hubbub is canceled because of the Kung Flu hysteria. No massive artisan market on the downtown plaza and no parades in the evening. This pleases me because I am neither Christian nor a fan of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

It is bad for the local economy, however, which is already suffering due to the previously mentioned Kung Flu hysteria.

The video freezes in time a few seconds from this morning as I stood on the stone sidewalk and pointed the Canon up thataway. The photo below is my very favorite yard plant, the bottle-brush tree. I don’t know what the Mexicans call it, but that’s what it’s called up north. It’s seven or eight feet tall now, and still growing. I planted it years ago when it was just a little tyke. I wish I had planted one or two more. It’s lovely, and often in bloom. The hummingbirds love it.

Though Springtime is here, it still gets chilly overnight, and we still have the wintertime goose-down comforter on the king bed, but that will come off soon, the bedroom window will stay open, and the tower fan I bought just last year will keep us partially refreshed during the nights. There is no perfect world.

Hey, did you see “President” Biden bumble through his first press conference a few days ago? I predict that will be the first and final press conference. He’ll be drooling before long. It won’t be a good look. As Trump would say: Sad.

The hummers love this tree with all their hearts.