Trains running again

THE VAGABOND sound of passing trains has returned.

We live just one block from the rail line, so it’s long been a part of our daily lives. But the sound vanished for more than a week till the day before yesterday.

Rail traffic had stopped due to a blockade just up the highway, “teachers” unhappy with a reform of the educational system recently implemented in Mexico.

The unhappy “teachers” had set up an encampment, blocking the rails with rocks and logs.

The economic loss was reportedly vast.

“Teachers” down in Oaxaca and Chiapas have been blocking highways now for weeks, causing economic and other forms of chaos. These are “teacher” unions.

The educational reform, like the energy reform, is something new in Mexico, something good. The energy reform is opening the energy sector to foreign competition. We will have options for gas stations like in the United States.

For decades, there has been just one gas station in Mexico, the government’s omnipresent Pemex.

Left-wingers, of whom we have many in Mexico due to the high percentage of ignoramuses, oppose the energy reform because they oppose choice and the free market.

Plus plenty of xenophobia.

And no group is more left-wing than “teachers” who have a number of unions. They also have their “teacher colleges” where “teachers” are made. These schools are communist indoctrination centers that sport murals of Ché Guevara.

No joke.

“Teachers” in Mexico are the most disruptive element in the nation, constantly causing problems.

What has their Red panties in a twist about the educational reform? A number of things, but my favorites are that they will have to take exams to show competence.

Oh, my goodness! Imagine that.

starAnd they will lose the right to hand their jobs over to a friend or relative when they retire.

The “teachers” are so numerous and have so much support among the lamebrain population that the government is afraid to take action against the protesters. Its tactic often is wait-and-see. This has worked in the past.

And example of this wait-and-see took place a few years ago in Mexico City when electric service was taken from the hands of a union and handed over to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) that runs service outside the capital.

The union went berserk and set up blockades outside the CFE high-rise downtown. After a few months, they wearied and went home. Electric service in Mexico City is run now by CFE, and it’s immeasurably better than before.

Even an old lefty like Franklin D. Roosevelt said unions have no place in the public sector. A union fussing with its private-sector employer is one thing. Interrupting services like police, firemen, education, electricity, etc., is quite different.

It should be illegal.

In the meantime, trains are passing the Hacienda, but how this education reform ends up is yet to be seen. Will we modernize, or we will continue swimming in seas of corruption?

Will the government buckle?

The energy reform is being phased in with more success, and we’re already seeing gas stations in some areas that do not fly the once ubiquitous green colors of Pemex.

There is also a legal reform that will lead to open courts. Left-wingers haven’t tried to block that yet.

They’ve been too busy blocking highways and railroads.

These “progressives.”

* * * *

(And meanwhile.)

Thank God for whitey!

Sometimes I read HuffPost, the website loved by the Left.

EinsteinA constant there is speaking badly of white people, even though it’s mostly white people doing the dissing.

History and facts do not enter into this self-loathing. It’s a hatred they have embraced due to their love of “oppressed people,” whom they always define as black and brown folks and invariably noble.

The Left exhibits lots of goofy thinking.

Plenty of truly oppressed people live in the East, but since Asian people in the West do so well in school and at work, they are not permitted oppressed status. Only irresponsible oppressed people can be truly oppressed.

Let us remember that it’s white people who historically have run places like Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the modern world of liberal democracy, safety and progress.

Al Gore did not invent the internet, but other white people did.

Plus cars, planes, motorcycles, vaccines and motion pictures.

Black people run places like Africa, Haiti and Detroit. Brown people run Latin America. Nobody in their right mind wants to live in Africa, Haiti or Detroit. And few people want to move to Latin America either.

Where people want to live, where people intensely desire to relocate, by hook or crook, by boat, raft, or wheel well of a 747, is the cursed white man’s real estate in the United States, Canada, Europe, etc.

Thank God for white people because otherwise you’d have to live in Nigeria, Bolivia or Bangladesh, and you would really hate that.

So let us praise whitey, and the better world he’s given us.

Faculty of felons!

As Dave Barry famously says: I’m not making this up.

But first, let me repeat that the seed of America’s ongoing implosion was planted in the 1960s, as any sentient citizen now knows.

The seed germinated — and grew tall and gangly.

social workWhile many of that (my) generation simply stayed stoned, others fancied themselves revolutionaries and turned to violence and murder. And many spent decades in the Big House.

Well, they’ve been sprung, and they’ve flocked to high-falutin’ Columbia University to teach social work!

A major goal of this “social work” program is doing something about the problem of “mass incarceration,” which you can bet means they think too many “people of color” are in prison, primarily innocent victims of racism.

This is a textbook case of Crow Jimism.

But back to the main issue: This ivy-league institution in New York City, a historic pillar of American higher education, knowingly has installed a gang of murderers, robbers and bombers on the faculty!

Again, I am not making this up! The mind reels.

The grim details are here.

* * * *

(Note: I was tempted to mention that radical-infested Columbia University is one of Obama’s alma maters where he, I’m guessing, got in via affirmative action due to the biracial president’s being “black.” He is, of course, black kinda like Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee, and I’m a Mexican.

(But I’ve been ragging on Barack a lot lately, and being a Fair and Balanced fellow, I decided not to mention him here in any fashion whatsoever.)