The long table


SEE THAT CHAIR down there, just opposite? That’s my chair, and it’s where I sit when I eat a morning bagel or an afternoon pozole. The King’s Chair, and I’m the King.

The Queen sits to my right. The Princess and her Prince by marriage live in Georgia and have yet to visit the castle.

Perhaps one day.

Nobody sits at this table for the evening meal, which at the Hacienda is always a green salad with diced chicken on top. I make that, and we go upstairs and watch something on Mexican Netflix, a great service.

We have side-by-side recliners separated by a tiny table.

But this is a view I rarely see, which is why I photographed it. What I always see is what’s behind the photographer’s back. That would be me at this moment.

There’s a big window to the left, and another behind, both of which provide great outdoor views.

But it’s uplifting to view life from a different perspective now and then. I think so, and I want to stay uplifted.

Queen Michelle

Queen Michelle is living large on your dime.

Her guy, King Barack, had to attend a Group of Eight summit in Belfast this week. He could have gone alone, of course. But Queen Michelle wanted to go too (Oh, Baraaack!), along with the two princesses (Oh, Daddy!).

Queen MichelleThe First Family flew to Belfast together on the royal air yacht sometimes known as Air Force One.

But Belfast is a nasty place (all those angry Catholics and Protestants. White people! Ugh!) so the queen and princesses continued ASAP aboard Air Force Two, the backup yacht, down to nicer Dublin.

Yes, two yachts sailed from Washington to Ireland.

The queen stayed two nights in the five-star Shelbourne Hotel, the Princess Grace Suite at $3,300 each glorious evening. That was just for her and the princesses. There were 30 other rooms for the purple entourage.

The left-wing lords, ladies, jesters and sycophants.

The estimated two-day cost is 5 million taxpayer dollars.

Two days, mind you. Your money. Their holiday.