Cool mountain air


IT WAS 39 degrees when I catapulted myself from the king bed before dawn.

January is one of my favorite months, mostly because the holidays are done with, but also because I get a few more bucks in the Social Security check. There are also yearly chores. I like to complete chores because I am an orderly fellow.

I have to pay property taxes on three residences. I won’t mention how much that is because if you live in a nation where English is spoken you will grind your teeth in envy.

Property taxes. Water bills. The annual mailbox fee. Car taxes. Not too many years ago, these things had to be done in person. Now most can be done online.

A week from today we will travel to Mexico City in a plush bus. The following day we will fly to the Yucatán where I have never been if you don’t count being taken off an airliner in Mérida in the early 1970s. I was flying from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to Mexico City, but they took me off the plane in Mérida to vaccinate me against Haitian cooties.

After rambling the Yucatán a few days, where it will not be 39 degrees, we will fly back to Mexico City for a week. Then we’ll return to our Hacienda via the plush bus again.

That’s when other aspects of the new year will continue. Repairs. The roof tile in the downstairs terraza must be reconnected to the wall. It leaks. Some waterproofing paint will see other parts of the house. In the downtown casita, something must be done about persistent leaks in a skylight. Hacienda yard plants must be severely whacked.

Some windows at the Hacienda must be sanded and painted. Floor tile needs new grout. If I still have any money after all these expenses, I’m going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which will replace the old Acer Notebook my wife has used for years.

Looking through the window over my computer screen, I see the hanging plant in the photo at the top. Hummingbirds love those flowers. And I love January.