Lesbians with penises


Since The Moon‘s debut over a decade ago and even with its six-year predecessor, The Zapata Tales, there has existed a principal theme, and that has been Decorum on an almost Victorian-era level.

We don’t cuss here, and we do not brawl with others. There is quite enough of that in other corners of cyberspace. Let them be nasty. Here we are always polite, clean and presentable.

At least for today, however, we are putting that aside. Look at the headline. Good grief! But with the ongoing collapse of the Caucasian quarters of Western Civilization, exceptions must be made if we’re to address the disaster honestly, head-on.

And who can do that better than The Moon‘s new contributing editor Simon Webb? He is British, of course, and it is in Britain where leftist lunacy soars above similar lunacy in other nations.

When I was in the news game, in another lifetime, those of us in the newsroom often commented among ourselves that the nuttiest news items almost invariably came from the wacky Brits.

Let us attempt to encapsulate modern leftist lunacy’s many aspects. It embraces old-style Marxism and communism as in redistribution of income, “free” stuff from government, high taxes and governmental overreach/meddling.

Stirred into that is political correctness, the modern sex craziness, the gender crackpottery, the endless “offense” that leftists feel, the inability to accept contrary opinions.

And the ensuing censorship and actual violence.

Plus, there is the twisting of word definitions. Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, belongs to the Conservative Party though there is nothing conservative about 10 Downing Street these days. It is Stalin-esque. Leftists refer to themselves, as does almost everyone, as liberals and progressives when they are precisely the contrary.

Goebbels is nodding his head.

But today we are focusing on gender crackpottery. Just when you thought it could not get sillier, we have the phenomenon, at least in Great Britain, of — drumroll here — lesbians with penises.

I’ll leave it to Simon Webb to fill you in on the details.


Note: The BBC article to which Simon refers can be found here.

Lords of the flies

The flies at the University of Missouri.

HERE YOU SEE the inevitable outcome of the worship of multiculturalism, affirmative action, diversity, political correctness and the victim mentality.

Elite American universities are going under.

No more classical study or even readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic. It’s all about rape culture, sexual identity, oppression, gender bias, selective free speech — yada, yada, yada.

Just kids, you say. So was Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

* * * *

* For Obama fans among us, Lord of the Flies is William Golding’s classic book first published in 1959. It’s about young people and what happens when they are undisciplined.

(Note: Vanderbilt law professor, both black and female but, alas, conservative, faces Lords of the Flies at her school.)

(Note 2: Want to make things even worse? Import tens of thousands of male Mohammedan “refugees.”)