Beyond capitalism, hilarious

THE MOON STRIVES to entertain, uplift and inform, sometimes simultaneously.

Today’s focus will be entertainment, though a touch of information may appear. There will be no upliftment unless hilarity uplifts you.

communismSome Collectivist outfit called “The Center for Global Justice” is sponsoring a conference titled Moving Beyond Capitalism, Making Another World Happen.

Among the prestigious people who will speak are:

1. David Schweickart, “his ideas on economic democracy are widely discussed.” Of course, they are.

2.  Gustavo Esteva, “de-professionalized Mexican intellectual.” Who writes this stuff? What on Earth does that mean?

3. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, “Occupy activists and members of the Green Party Shadow Cabinet.” We’re in the shadows now.

Haven’t others advocated moving “beyond capitalism”? Two of the better known were named Marx and Lenin. Two massive nations, with much of the world’s population, China and Russia, dived into that murky pond and almost drowned. Cuba still floats in it, gasping for air.

And yet there are still ignorant people embracing these ideas. I am using the word ignorant not as an epithet, but in the basic sense of lacking information. Communism has been tried and found horrendously unworkable.

There are only two options: Free-market capitalism in its various guises, and state-managed economies, i.e. socialism in its various forms. When somebody says something like “beyond capitalism,” they can only be talking about the other option, socialism.

This goofy conference will be staged from July 29 to August 5 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There could hardly be a more perfect venue. Of the thousands of Gringos who live in San Miguel, every one is a fan of Obama, i.e. socialism. There are only six exceptions. Four are in hiding because if it’s known that one does not love Obama in San Miguel, one is subject to spitting, kicking and curses.

The other two are taking their chances, God love ’em.

This Center for Global Justice urges us “to spread the word by distributing the Call (sic) far and wide.”

Consider it spread. I have done my civic duty. Pass it on, will ya?

* * * *

(Note: The Center  for Global Justice also offers tours to the enchanting Communist dictatorship of Cuba in case there was any doubt whatsoever what “Beyond Capitalism” really means. No trips are offered to any successful nation.)

(Tip of the sombrero to Jennifer Rose for bringing this nuttiness to my attention.)